I'm trying to setup the Inav theme as seen here: iNav for Winterboard - Take Your iPhone To the Next Level | FSMdotCOM

I'm having a problem with the webclips tho. I've placed them in the right folder through iphonebrowser on my pc, but dont understand where they appear...Maybe they have, i know they are see through, but everytime i click on my screen i get taken to a blank webpage...is that right? Is there any way of stopping that happening. Or are these iblank files which I have installed (i used that as I couldnt see that the webclips had worked!)Anyone have an idiots guide for doing this!?

Also, i appear to have lost my settings icon. There is an icon in the bottom right hand corner, but when i click on it, nothing happens, which is slightly worrying!

Please, any help is greatly appreciated!