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Thread: iNav this iNav that

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    Default iNav this iNav that
    Fist off.. do not get this post confused with me not likeing th iNav theme. I think its a great theme, and i give reeco major props for what he has done and has started for the themeing world.

    Having said that, some may think im being a jerk or whatever for saying this, but it is a little rediculouse that so many people are naming there themes iNav whatever, just cause they use iNav concept.

    Most of the themes are really really awesome and i love them, and some have given me insparation for other stuff that can be done for our next theme. But really guys do we need a crap load of themes named iNav?

    Just name your themes whatever you want to name them and give credit where its needed in the discription of the theme. I think everyone gets hung up on thinking they are copying someone else just because they used the same concept. A concept is a concept. Apple was not the first one to come out with a touch screen, but you dont see them naming there phone "apple treo iphone" lol or whatever.

    Look at the automotive industry. A company comes out with a concept for a car. IE subaru has the wrx and the sti (the high end more HP model) and mitsubishi has the EVO. Well they also just recently came out with an AWD turbo model of the lancer that is more affordable (much like the WRX is to the STI) but you dont see them naming there car after the WRX?

    I am not putting down anyones work in anyway, but really there is no need to name your theme iNav when they are all very differnt themes other than they use the same concept of springboard design

    rant over


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    Last I checked this was the wrong section for rants. And seriously, who cares?!!

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    Seems like a reasonable, well-structured argument. Pity it doesn't apply to me seeing as i don't use iNav.

    Mad unprops to the comment above me.

    "And seriously, who cares?!!" - what are you, 4?
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    I see what he is saying. i really like the iNav theme but i just will not use anything with categories because you cannot update any apps when they are in the categories folders. Unless someone has a fix for that?
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!

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    To me and probably many others... having iNav in the title of a theme...

    1. Gives rep to Reeco for coming up with this on his own.
    2. Also let's me know that is a springjump/webclip inspired theme.

    just my $.02

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    Quote Originally Posted by tw1zt View Post
    To me and probably many others... having iNav in the title of a theme...

    1. Gives rep to Reeco for coming up with this on his own.
    2. Also let's me know that is a springjump/webclip inspired theme.

    just my $.02
    +1. I think people copying the concept should use inav in their theme. The only think that bothers me is when people try to copy the inav theme and make a real downgraded generic version of it making inav look real bad. There are a lot of good versions or inav themes people have made, but there are also a bunch of ugly azz cheap looking versions that make me laugh. I think people should atleast have a sense of taste/style.

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    I know, it's crazy following concepts. Good point. It's kinda like following the concept of putting "i" before a iNinja, iNav, iNitsua.
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    i agree with suby on this one. its getting kinda confusing having iNav this or iNav that. Why cant you just give it a title that you came up with and give credit where credit is due in the info. Like iNitsua did.

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    yeah its no rip on any of the themes.. for one.. if someone wanted to make there own version of iNinja i would care less.. but if they put iNinja in the tittle i would probably ask them to take it out and just give credit in the info.

    i mean really would everyone be annoyed if all the sudden people were making themes and starting a new thread and calling it iNinja red, iNinja bright, iNinja whatever.. if you want to call it iNav whatever then post it in the iNav thread

    And to the man that doesnt think this thread is for discussing things.. why dont you read what section of the forum were in.. its the theme discussion section.. and i am discussing themes

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    You just blew my mind
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    i like inav too but i think this is getting outta hand now. too much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post
    I think its a great theme, and i give reeco major props for what he has done and has started for the themeing world.
    iNav Fanboy!

    Haha, I see what you're saying. Personally, I think that 75% of the iNav custom themes are complete crap. It is like, everyone who has an iPhone has no photoshop/graphical talent whatsoever.

    Enough with the ugly *** iNav rip-offs!

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    Well before inav we had I this and I that or osx this and osx that what about Mac this and Mac that.

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    it's not copying or wtv, it's just naming it similar so people can relate to iNav and know what they're downloading

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