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Thread: Help removing background from icon

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    Default Help removing background from icon

    I've changed the WeatherBug icon on my iphone but there is a gray background behind the icon. I've created the folder private/var/stash/themes/THEME/bundles/ and dropped the replacement icon in there. It does work but apart from the BG prob, its also smaller than it should be. Anyone know how to ditch the background and get the icon displaying normal size? Thanks guys

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    theres two things u could be referring too. either way, it can be fixed. but post a ss and ill let u know. as for the size, post ur actual icon as well, and ill see if there is a problem.

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    Thanks, heres the screenshot from my iphone plus the original icon (defaced)
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    ok, ur getting the icon rapping. ssh to private/var/stash/themes/THEME/info.plist open it in wordpad or whatever text editor mac uses, and add this:
    if ur theme doesn't have an info.plist file, then just grab one from the first folder of any of the default themes that saurik added, and remove everything between <dict> and </dict> and just add that code i gave u between the two. Let me know if u neeed more of an explination (i could probably have worded this a lot better, lol)
    Also, this SHOULD fix the icon sizing issue, but if it doesn't, let me know.

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    Thanks but still not workin. I copied the info.plist from saurik and dropped it in the theme folder (it goes there right, not in the icons folder?) and modified it to contain:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0"><dict>



    Rebooted iphone but still the same.

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    u dropped it in YOUR theme folder right? not back in the Saurik folder. and yes it does go in the main folder of ur theme.
    but there are a lot of things that could be in the way of this... lets do it this way to save from going back and forth... just upload ur whole theme (or pm it to me) and i will just make it work and send it back and u can then see what i did

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    Yeah info.plist is in my themes main folder called BLUE (private/var/stash/themes/BLUE). I've deleted all unused stuff from this folder so there's just wallpaper.png, statusbar.png, dock.png, info.plist and the icons and bundles folders, which contain only icons and a 2eDS_Store file.

    I originally downloaded a theme called gates bluize (where all the icons are the shape of the unwanted gray background). This resided at private/var/mobile/library/summerboard/themes. I then copied its contents to a new folder called BLUE and added all my own icons. so I thought it might be calling up the background icon from from the original gates bluize folder so i deleted it. Still the same prob. It must be calling up the image from somewhere other than my theme folder as its def not in there.

    Also does anyone know how to search for files when using ssh? If i wanted to search root for weatherBug for example. If i try to search from an ssh program, it just displays matching files in the current directory, not subfolders. Thanks

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    ok... first of all, ur using Summerboard.... That is the problem right there, lol. Summerboard is winterboards *****. the info.plist key i gave u was a specific feature of wb (winterboard) that was added for this exact reason. For u to avoid this with summerboard, u would have to remake the other.artwork file with those three icon images (the background the frame and the shine) all transparent, then recompile it into a new cached .artwork file, and overwrite ur system file... this is only the begining of the crap ur gonna have to deal with with summerboard. SO... download wb from cydia, and uninstall summerboard, and customize if u have that too (and for future reference, just stay away from anything that is created by ripdev... Saurik is ur friend, ripdev is like the fat chick at the party that everyone just puts up with because its dead, and she at least helps fill up some space)

    Then, just send me whatever u want themed, ill package it up for u and show u were to put it... this will be much easier than trying to trouble shoot each issue one by one, plus u will see how the wb folders should be structured.

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    ok, i just removed gatesbluize from within cydia. I don't remember ever installing summerboard and can't find it in cydia or installer so thought maybe it installed as part of gatesbluize theme. I rebooted and everything reverted to standard icons/wallpaper even though i had BLUE selected in winterboard. So I deselected and reselected all options in winterboard and my BLUE theme came back but now my system font is different (like a typewriter font, also on the slide to unlock bar). The WeatherBug icon still has the background too. I can't see summerboard in cydia or installer. how do i check its removed?

    Its cool of you to offer to fix my theme but i've taken a long time designing it and don't wanna send it out, no offense Thanks

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    ok, well there is just too much going on with ur setup to really trouble shoot this... (and i do understand about not wanting to send out the theme, thats cool) the problem is, the system font thing could be caused by u manually replacing system fonts, it could be caused by fontswap, and it could be caused by an info.plist in a SELECTED wb theme. Theres really no way to narrow it down untill i start to see what u have done... The best i can do really (aside from just making it all work for u) is to direct u too the information u need to learn how wb works, (which if u are making ur own themes, u probably will want to know anyway). So go here:
    and u will find all the info u need on wb. and be sure to get this as well:
    it is listed in that first thread also.... this is a COMPLETE stock theme, so u can just go through and figure out where all ur stuff should go. The other thing u will need to check out is the tut on mac themes that has the list of info.plist keys, (the link is in that first link on this post)

    Wait a minute, i just looke at the ss and the icon again... that is not the same images, ur icon has all those black lines all over it, and the one in the ss doesn't, ur icon is not being recognized at all... So, u must have had that icon already made, and the one ur putting in, is either not being put in the right place, or it is not being named correctly. The easiest way to do icons in wb is to put the icon in the Icons folder and name the image the exact name it appear on the springboard (with .png at the end)
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    [QUOTE=Wait a minute, i just looke at the ss and the icon again... that is not the same images, ur icon has all those black lines all over it, and the one in the ss doesn't, ur icon is not being recognized at all... [/QUOTE]

    Yeah i defaced the icon before uploading to the forum. I appreciate your help. If I pm you the files do you just need the BLUE folder?


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    Depends, i can setup a theme for u that u can turn off everything else in wb and only activat that one, and i know that will work correctly, as long as NOTHING else is activated, in wb, and u dont' have summerboard running, and u haven't replaced system fonts, or used font swap, etc. it will basically either fix ur problem, or eliminate wb as a potential cause of that problem, and therefore narrow down ur issue to like 1 or 2 possible things, then it will be really easy to solve. If u don't want to send me ur actual files by the way, u can just send me everything the way u did the other icon. But honestly, im not a big themer man, i am working on perfecting a vista theme, and thats all i want, i don't really like themes, i just think its cool to have my phone look like a vista, so u have nothing to worry about with me ripping off any of ur work, but thats up to u.

    im heading out now, so if u want to pm me, ill try to get to it later tonight, but probably not till tomorrow.
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