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Thread: Change application name?

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    Default Change application name?
    Is there a way to change the display name of an application? I.E. change 'Phone' to 'Telephone' or something.

    I've tried changing the CFBundleDisplayName and CFBundleName in the Info.plist file. I've also looked through a bunch of other plist and strings files, and haven't come up with anything. I've been searching through the forums and haven't found the answer to this. Thanks

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    is the file u want

    the bundle identifier is the Key and the display name u want to show on the SB is the String.

    And remember if ur using winterboard to name the folder en.lproj not English.lproj

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    Thanks leram84! I see this file has all the app store and default apps in it. Is there a similar file for Cydia/Installer apps?

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    I'm not sure where they are... I'm assuming ur not using wb then? Cause if u r, u don't need them, cause u can just put the keys and strings in that .strings file. It will still hook even tho they rn't in the original.

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    Haha, yeah, I'm using winterboard. I didn't know I could put a non-appstore app in that file though, because there weren't any in there.

    I created en.lproj/LocalizedApplicationNames.strings and put it in that file; works like a charm. Thanks again!

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    There is an app in Cydia called Rename that lets you rename your apps as well.

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    Vulcanfk how did you do it. I've been trying to change iRealSMS to just Text but can't figure out how to do it.

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    if you're using winterboard, copy the file
    (the en.lproj directory didn't exist on my phone, so I created it). Then edit it with a text editor, adding the key and text for whatever app you want to add.

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    ok so when i open it in notepad i get this:


     !"#$%&'()*+,-./ apple.mobilenotes^ YConverterUPhoneVPhotosVSafariXContactsXKeyboardUN otesTMapsVCameraVVideosYApp StoreTTextXCalendarViTunesTMailXBusinessZTranslato rVStocksWYouTubeWWeatherXSettingsZCalculator  = U n … Ÿ 1IX{˜*%DWk—  ',5@GOW`  3 k

    What so i need to edit to change the name from "iRealSMS" to "Text"?

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    Wait... Vulcan, i thought u said u were using winterbaord?? That file goes in ur theme in /<yourthemename>/Folders/ If u were gonna do it that way, u could have just replaced the original file (basically the same thing as what u did).

    @salgonza dl Pledit. Its an app that will allow u to read .string and .plist files and format them correctly. (just do a search for it)

    But for something as simple as this, (if u don't intend to do any more advanced modding of those files) i believe wordpad should be able to read the .string files correctly when notepad won't

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    It's a binary plist. You need to convert it to plain text first.

    If you're on a mac, you can use plutil. If you're in Linux or Windows, here's a perl utility. Usage:
    perl ./ LocalizedApplicationNames.strings
    It will create a LocalizedApplicationNames.text.strings file. Edit and save this file. Then:
    perl ./ LocalizedApplicationNames.text.strings
    It will create LocalizedApplicationNames.binary.strings. Rename this to LocalizedApplicationNames.strings (move or delete the other one first - make sure to back up). Copy the new one to your phone.

    I am using winterboard. I'm in the process of creating a theme, so for now I just did it this way. I'll throw it in my theme folder once it's done.
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    just use the rename program in cydia

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