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Thread: List of info.plist keys?

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    Default List of info.plist keys?
    Been searching for a while... cant seem to find one.

    Is there a big list of the info.plist keys and what they are for?


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    I thought i would find it in wiki but didnt. It would help a lot. Maybe let's just make this thread sticky and let ppl share the keys they found? I still cant change the default icons of many appz :/

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    This is seriously something needed. I have searched a lot for these, and there is no good list. The info.plist in the first folder of the theme is not a hook like almost everything else in the theme that has an original that u can just mod. It is more like a feature of WB that Saurik adds what he wants too, but his WB web page is somewhat outdated, and does not include all the possible keys.(tho a LOT of them are there, just not in a list, u have to read the whole thing to get them)

    Also, the latest update to WB states this in the changelog:

    0.9.2796-1: March 17th, 2009
    New IconAlpha Info.plist Key
    Fixed Tiny Icon Offset Bug

    So what the heck is IconAlpha? and what are the Strings? ive searched for hours and came up empty...

    I would really like to see some kind of a mod response, or a link to an official answere rather than a bunch of "i think u can make the badge blue" type answeres, but if no one knows any, ill post a full list of everything i know in a couple of days so we can at least have that.

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    I also need these keys for my theme to work right ill do some more searching though.

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    I have an email off to Saurik.. hopefully hes got some info.

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    btw... i just figured out what the IconAlpha is... it controls the brightness of the icons... seems like the strings are from .1 to .9 (.9 being the brightest before its just normal)

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    the brightness of JUST the icons???

    How did you figure it out?

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