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Thread: Creating a .artwork file

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    Default Creating a .artwork file
    I'm currently trying to create my own .artwork file for my iphone on 2.2.1 firmware and using iPhoneshop 1.22.4 but for some reason when I try to import my png's into the artwork file it goes through the process and says it has imported pngs to file but does not... Anyone have a clue where I am going wrong???

    Is there an easier way like a program that I can create a .artwork fie?

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    this may not be what u want to here. but have u ever considered using winterboard? UIimages makes it much easier

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    yeah thanks for the reply but i use winterboard all the time and i found my artwork file just wasnt looking in the correct folder.... Problem im having to cause me to want to use custom artwork files is that my custom keyboard in winterboard will not apply to cydia..... For some reason in 2.2.1 no themes from winterboard will apply to cydia at all not even the custom cydia themes from cydia

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    YESS... i posted a thread about this a couple of days ago, and no one responded. I actually thought it was an issue with the 2.2.0fw cause i hav a 2.2.0 iphone 3g that will not allow me to theme cydia throught wb. but on my 2.2.1 iphone 2g it works perfectly. so i thought that when i upgrade it would solve my problems. This is very strange. It seems like its all Saurik's apps too, cause the cydia version of is doing the exact same thing too. idk

    as far as creating the .artwork file, im not quite sure what ur doing wrong, but iphoneshop 1.22.4 is the way to go. I havn't actually tried packing the .artwork files back together, i only use it to unpack, but it could be the names of the files. im not sure if ur supposed to use the numbers of the files like something lke "other-ver_117" or something like "NowPlayingBottomOverlay".

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    The file it creates is inside the folder it would extract to and yeah nice to know im not the only ome strangest thing is that my friend here nrxt to me whose phone i completely themed works fine and cydias theme as well i dont get it

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