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Thread: blue effect for pressed buttons?

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    Default blue effect for pressed buttons?

    Could anyone direct me to the file(s) for the blue effect of pressed buttons that reside on the bottom bar for apps like the phone (favorites, recent, contacts, etc); clock (world clock, alarm, stopwatch, etc); ipod (playlists, artists, podcasts, etc); and so on.

    Is there a stock set of files that are applied to each app or are there specific files for each app.

    Thanks in advance for you time!

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    There are both. in the UIImages (others.artwork) there are several generic bottom bar buttons, but i have yet to find any app that actually uses these. Even when an app has the same image, for some reason they always put it in the skin for the app itself. (at least for all the stock apps, and everyone i have looked at. But im sure there are some 3rd party apps that use those, but for the most part u have to mod those through the actual app, rather than through the UIImages.

    There are also some third party apps that use a wierd setup where they can only show a silouett (i cant spell for s***) so the image is grey, and becomes blue when selected. That image that sits behind the grey image (which makes it blue when selected) is called "UITabBarBlueGradient.png" (a UIImage).

    If u want the stock images im talking about, or want to see how to theme them, or for any iphone app skin, etc. go here:

    Its a complete theme of everything "themeable" in WB format, but with all stock images. Nothing is modded, so u can get anything original u want, and see the layout of anything.

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    You know, I had actually downloaded the other.artwork file and I just didn't see them there. Thanks for that.

    Lastly, do you know the file for the blue boxes that 'to' and 'from' e-mail/contacts are in in

    Thanks again

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    huh? i don't understand what ur asking. can u be more descriptive or put up a ss.

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    Sorry - here's a screenshot.

    Thanks again
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    hmm. im not really sure, but i think the dot at the bottom might be "UIUnreadIndicator.png" (in the UIImages folder). and the bubble is probably made of "unreadbubble_left", "unreadbubble_center", "unreadbubble_center", "unreadbubble_selected_left", "unreadbubble_selected_center", and "unreadbubble_selected_right" (in the folder).

    If either of these are not right, then everything u r looking for is definetly in the UIImages folder, i just don't know which one. If u dl the complete theme i posted, and look around in the UIImages folder, there are only a few that it could be, so just trial and error it till u find.

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