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    Okay, so I know my way around photoshop (I'm certainly far from exceptional, but I can change a color or two ), and I know all that I need to do to get into my phone. I install themes via ssh on a regular basis, and mix and match themes as well, so I'm good on all that. I also have all of the very useful guides on theming in winterboard bookmarked .

    So my question is, is there anything specific that I need to be able to do with ease in photoshop?

    Like I'm talking things that I'll be using over and over again that I need to make sure I'm pretty much mastered on.

    And while I'm at it, just another quick question , when some of the great themer's from this site start a theme where do you start (like icon wise), do you usually start off with the stock icons or what?

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    Theres really nothing "specific" to creating themes in photoshop that you need to know, other to use photoshop. Its all about creating images, no different than any other.

    Most people start off with an idea (I guess a "theme" for your theme), depending on the person jt might start with a background, maybe icons...depends on what works for you. Also, kinda depends on what your going for. For example, if your creating a theme to mimic something else (like windows for example)...then your starting point could be many different things.

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    i always wait until the absolute end to do icons and uiimages

    i usually start with wallpaper, sliders, dock, and lockbackground

    as for photoshop i would suggest getting very familiar with working with layers and transparents

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    Okay, thanks guys, both of those posts were really helpful. I'm not too bad with photoshop, I was really probably more worried that I'd have to be learning html, which isn't in my calendar at the moment . And I was also just kinda like "how the heck am I going to get everything to look good together". But that makes a lot of sense, find some inspiration (probably my largest roadblock), get everything going, then worry about icons. Thanks again .

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