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Thread: Hide all icons in springboard

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    Default Hide all icons in springboard
    Hi, is there a way I can hide or not display all the icons in the springboard.
    I just want to have the wallpaper display and 4 icons on dock...thanks.

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    Haven't tried it yet..but i'm could use rSBT..rearrange all the icons to Hidden...except for the dock of course.

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    yup. rSBT will do that. Just set the number of springboard icons to zero. then save. you can also add a fifth icon to the dock... just in case you find that 4 doesn't really cut it.

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    or with the most recent version you could have 9 icons in a mini dock
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    Thanks all, I want to put all the icons behind dock using summer board except the 4 in dock. if you hide the icons, then you can not use the application right?


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    If you hide them, you can still use them just fine, assuming one of your visible icons is a launcher app. Or if you are running Dock.

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    im using a combination of rsbt and summerdock. setting the springboard icons to "zero" doesnt make any changes. am i doing something wrong, or does it not work at all?

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    Why not use the Dock program as your launcher.
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    i tried dock, but i like the summerboard interface a lot more. hopefully they will make this an option availble in an update.

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    I used Customize to hide my SpringBoard, but now I realized it's hidden the Customize software and there is no way I can turn it back on. Can someone suggest a way to do this?

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    I did the same thing.. Just dowload "Dock" with Ibreakr. You can use that to acsess customize

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