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Thread: Source error trying to install Leaf Theme 09

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    Question Source error trying to install Leaf Theme 09

    I'm having a big problem trying to install the new Leaf Theme 09, Cydia tries to install it but I get the error message:
    trying to overwrite
    /Library/Themes/Leaf.theme/Animback/wall01.png', which is also in package com.modmyifone.leaf20"

    I can only imagine that this means there is a conflict between the new and old versions of the theme. I've tried to uninstall the old theme and therefore start again but everytime I try Cydia tries to install the new theme and won't let me do anything else. I SSH'd into the phone and removed the 'Leaf' files I could find to see if this will work but I'm still getting the same problem.
    I'm at my wits end now as to what I can do now.
    If someone can help I would be grateful


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    I am having the same problem. I would really like to just remove this theme all together since it has been causing so many problems. I am bummed too because I really liked the fresh theme from the same group. Anyway, would love to know the solution for this because I am unable to download anything new until then....

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    i have this problem too.. Try to remove via SSH..not doing any help..

    have this error "MD5Sum mismatch"

    I need help too.

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    I've solved my problem now, may have been a bit of a school boy error on my part!
    I realised that I had the Leaf theme installed on Installer but was trying to make all of the changes to the version in Cydia.
    When I uninstalled the version in Installer and went back into Cydia the new Leaf theme went through fine and I've not had any problems since!
    So it looks like it was a conflict between Installer and Cydia's versions of the Leaf theme.


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