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Thread: PLEASE HELP i need some experienced users help with a .string issue

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    Default PLEASE HELP i need some experienced users help with a .string issue
    Hey guys. Has anyone done any work with either the LocalizedApplicationNames.strings file or the SpringBoard.strings files. I have maed adjustments to both, but they are not working properly. I already know i have correctly modded these files because they have worked for me. I have been working on a theme for a while now, and while i was testing things, i had my theme broken into a few folders. And at that time the two files were working fine. However, once i tried to compile my theme into one folder thats when i started having problems (the two files just weren't being read at all).

    I know that Saurik was having issues with folders for languages, thats why he only supports using en.lproj as apposed to English.lproj. So the only thing i can think of is that there is some kind of bug that is causing this.

    I even had someone else give me the whole theme that i was workin on with those two files in it, and then it worked, and his theme was identical to mine. idk the only thing i can think of is that since he made his on a mac and im on a pc, the folders may have some kind of a different structure or something, but i have exhausted every possibl idea on how to fix this.

    So i guess my question is if anyone has done extensive work with any of the files in the en.lproj folders, and if so have u noticed any glitches or anything.

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    which strings in particular are you looking to change that dont seem to be changing?
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    a lot of them. im using the LocalizedApplicationNames.strings file to change names of apps to " " and im using the SpringBoard.strings file to make the calendar show the date on a calendar widget. But this really doesn't make a difference, the bottom line is that these two files do work correctly sometimes, but not always.

    ok, don't worry about this. I am now 99% sure this is a bug, and i have sent a report to Saurik. I put the two files in a theme by themselves, and they work perfectly all the time, so this is fine for a workaround if anyone else has the same issues in the future.
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