for some odd reason, after i synced my ipod, it seemed like some of my mods changed. at first i assumed somebody was fiddling around with winterboard and so i tried to shuffle things around to get it back the way it was, but no go. then i decided to simply SSH the .png in the framework files like i did in 1.1.4. it was the .pngs like the music knob, the volume color bar and ect. originally its blue, but i like to change the colors a bit. i believe that its in the same location, i have 2.2 firmware fyi, but i cant seem to find it.

they originally went in the MoviePlayerUI.framework folder, but when i look in system>library>framework, its not there. can somebody redirect me to the correct location? or alternatively give me the directories or folders so i can implement them in winterboard.

to be sure, its the VolumeWhiteMusicFill.png, VolumeWhiteMusicCap.png, VolumeBlueCap.png, VolumeBlueFill.png, and MusicVolumeKnob.png right?