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Thread: How to change icons/sms bubbles/badges

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    Default How to change icons/sms bubbles/badges
    Hi guys, now i just installed Buuf2 theme on my iphone but there is a couple extra Icons, SMS bubbles and Badges they posted on that theme thread. Where i should place the .png files for Icons, SMS bubbles and Badges.

    How the icons is associated with the apps? If i want to change my cydia application icone should my .png have the exact name as cydia?

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    Replacing Icons:
    to change icons you have to replace the icon.png in the respecive application directories, however this doesnt back it up, the best thing to do to change the icons is to make a folder called something like MyTheme.theme and then inside that folder make a folder called icons and then place the icons for applications inside there for example if you wanted to change the iPod application icon you would place the new icon you wanted in the icons folder and call it iPod.png btw it IS case sensitive then once you have put in all the icons you want to change, take the MyTheme.theme folder and place it into Library>Themes folder and then enable it via WinterBoard. i hope that helped

    Replacing Badges:
    Again usinf that same MyTheme.theme folder you have to make a new folder inside of that called "Bundles" and inside the Bundles folder make another called "" then get the badge png you have and call it "SBBadgeBG.png" and place it in that folder.

    Replacing SMS Bubbles:
    you can change sms bubbles by replacing the bubble_1.png and bubble_2.png in the found in the application directory or if you want to use the "MyTheme.theme" folder like in the other two methods i have given you, which i think is the best way since it doesnt edit the original files you can do that to. In the "Bundles" folder you created make another folder called "" and in there make files called "bubble_1.png" and "bubble_2.png"

    Hope i helped

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    I'm french and I just would like to know where I can find via ssh to install new bubbles sms? What's the exactly way? Furthemore I would like to know: what's the exactly way to change the wallpaper sms?
    I'm sory for my little english...
    Please help me!! Please answer me!

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    Of course, we are happy to help, but so you know, there are some nice French Boards.

    S O S i P h o n e :: Index

    I found some more at one point too.

    I don't have the answer to the SMS questions, but I'm sure someone else does.

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    Aydinz ,

    I looked in mymobilesms app folder and there was balloon_png1 & 2 no bubbles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makh View Post
    Aydinz ,

    I looked in mymobilesms app folder and there was balloon_png1 & 2 no bubbles!
    same here/:

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