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    Im sorry if this is the wrong place for this but is there an app that allows you to change the "slide to unlock text" and other text like that
    if this already exist can someone point me in the right direction

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    Well just use Customize on 1.1.x, but theres nothing on 2.x that I'm aware of.
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    you can use winterboard to do this as well but you have to know how to do this. it will be a "theme" perse
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    I'm using an ipod touch 2nd ten with 2.2.1
    How do I do it on winterboard?
    Would I need a "theme" that has something that allows you yo edit the text?

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    you need to jailbreak your ipod touch but the jailbreak is difficult to do and once you do it you cant restart your ipod. if you want to try it out the info on it is below. otherwise there is no way to change your springboard strings.
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    It is jailbroken and I have wimterboard

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    ok then you need to locate the springboard strings for the lock screen and mod them. you CAN do it without winterboard but if you mess it up you risk the SWOD.
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    Ahhh well what is the easiest way to go about doing it? Or is it not even worth it?
    And what is SWOD?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i believe the file you want to mod is called bottombarlocktextmask.png its located in the TelephonyUI.framework. however not sure how you would go about modding it but i hope that helps

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