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Thread: How can I change the default MAIL app icon?

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    Default How can I change the default MAIL app icon?
    (iPhone 2G (2.2.0, jailbroken), Windows XP)

    I want to change the default mail icon to the bookmark icon you get fro Gmail (as seen in the pic below)

    How do I go about doing that?

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    I can give you the how too's on a 3g maybe it will help. Their are two ways.

    If you ever want to change it back:
    SSh into private/var/stash/applications, copy the the icon.png inside the gmail folder to your desktop and then you have to create a custom theme. Inside the winterboard/themes folder create a folder, name it whatever you would like, then inside the new folder create a folder named Icons. Within the icons folder drop the gmail icon from your desktop and rename it MobileMail.png

    Again SSh and follow the same steps as above. After you copy the gmail icon to your desktop you drop it into MobileMail and just overwrite the stock icon.
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    I went in using iPhoneBrowser and found the mobilemail folder but the icon is just called icon.png and the google mail app in the pic is just a web bookmark saved on the springbroad so it doesn't have a folder and as such doesn't have an icon. I copied the icon off the springboard but I can't save it as a png without it being square and not rounded corners...

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    I'm using winSCP and I just did it by changing the default icon in MobileMail and it worked. Make sure the default one isnt there and that your new icon is name icon.png

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    I can get the icon in there and rename it so it shows but what I can't do is save the png file so it has rounded corners. When I save it it saves with a corners...

    That meant to say when I save it, it saves without rounded corners.

    Well after much faffing, I got it done! I couldn't turn an image into a working icon (as it kept coming out in a square showing a background behind the app icon) but after messing around in iPhoneBrowser (easier than SSH I reckon) I found the artwork for the webclip, so I backed it up, then copied the folder to the desktop, then went into the MobileMail folder in the iPhone and replaced the stock "icon.png" with the "icon.png" from the backup of the webclip icon. Quick respring and it's showing fine

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