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    Ok ive seen undreds of threads on this topic. Ive seen a few great videos on youtube. Spoke to some great people ( iT , Java ). But my problem is yet to be fixed lol . Bascially I have a 2G iPhone. And im trying to change the carrier logo. Ive done the whole AT&T logo theme . nothing works. My question is does it matter if I have service ? I bought an iphone just to do all these great mods . But didnt activate it. Well I did once activate a pre payed sim . But now it says no service. If i pop the sim out . At&t pops up where no service is now. Not AT&T but At&t. ( not sure if it matters lower case T ) Anyone with a little info. Very much appreciated ! thanks !

    By the way. FW 2.2 !
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    ehhhh the no service thing is part of the os when there is no service. period. you would have to mod that string but you could only make it say a word or picture
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    dammit .. i figured that would of been the case.. just figured id ask ..

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    yeah no prob
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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    one more question .. my phone displays At&t .. not no service all the time. im wonderin why it goes back an forth . also .. if i pop the sim out pop back in . At&t . ???? i even activated the sim on pay as you go again . just no money in it right now

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    ^Then I would assume your phone isnt picking up service all the time. Could have bad reception in that area.

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    weird.. lol .. ya i kinda took a walk thru an didnt change.. At&t it says and no bars .. More bars in more places my a$$ lol .. but seriously tho .. the whole problem of havin no service on why my logo wont show is out of the window now if in fact it does say At&t now ( Not AT&T ) lower case T . not sure if it matters lol

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