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Thread: Need a Custom Carrier Logo or Icon?

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    my 1.0.2, E-plus possess, use many may not! how? i have a no new carrier image! help me...., thanks

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    could i please get the apple logo with the at&t white and blue stripes with iphone. next to it (period included) text for iphone can be anything like plain, arial black bold or something

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    Default carrier logo
    just like the cingular but just Sonic in blue, thanks in advance!
    Frankie Sonic

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    Default logo's
    I know everyone is requesting logos here, but is there a thread with a "current how to change with fw 1.1.1" or could someone post it.


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    {apple logo} ed'sPhone // white (matching the header) normal font that i used for the time and AT&T.


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    Default Jia
    Can i get a carrier image that says "Jia" in black for default and white for fso in plain letters, not graffitti. If u have seen the KOMA carrier image in downloads i'd like that font.

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    I need my carrier in the regular font...


    Everytime I do it in Photoshop in helev. and put it to 4pt bold, it looks to big, unless I am doing something wrong..


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    Hi everybody, your site is great and usefull, thanks for your help.
    Do you think that you can make a carrier logo with this tag > [#]bdo
    I'm a noobs in drawing ^^
    Thank you again.
    Oups i foget to say: is it possible in graffiti letter..

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    Default custom logo
    Can you please make me a logo that say's "Lee's iPhone". White and black colors are fine. No logo is fine. The font I like is the one you previously used to make a logo for "Jesse", at the beginning of this post. Thank you in advance!!

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    can i have one set that says "gunzo" and the other "Luis" (both without the "" of course), both with the apple logo next to it.

    and the font can be like the normal fonts the stock carreir logos like at&t have.

    i would greatly appreciate it if any1 can help me out, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoocesWild View Post
    Had some computer problems.

    Gheski here's yours. Hopefully it works. I'm using GIMP now instead of Photoshop, and I don't really know how to use GIMP yet so let me know if these work.
    what is that font called? the graffiti looking one

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    Can you make a white one that says "AC"
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    guess no one is following up on our requests.

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    Can someone make me that says Jimbo with the apple logo next to it using graffiti font?? Also can u make me a black one and a blue one?? Thanks. Also can someone make me a vista slider??

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    can anyone make me one, saying Kuroush with an apple logo, in plain font....

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    I was wondering if someone could make me a carrier logo and a slider with a silver surfer theme. Any cool lookin font will do

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    Can u make me the apple logo in blue as my carrier, and chynatown in grafiti letters in blue as well?? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


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    can i have a logo that says player in grafitti font blue and white copy and instead of the apple can i have the playboy bunny?

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    can someone pls make me a shine or shiny carrier logo... plssss...

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    Talking Please Man, make my day.
    Astonishing work with logos man, respect all the way. If you can add me to your creations and make my day by doing me a carrier logo with, "Anas" then apple logo, just like the "PLAYER" font and colors here

    + (If possible)

    2/ white font/blue lining +
    3/ blue font/white lining +
    4/ any of your amazing creations.

    And please try to make 2 sizes same as "PLAYER" and one size smaller (or 2 sizes smaller I really do not know, your the expert .

    Really Thanks.
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