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Thread: REQUEST: Zelda Theme

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    Default REQUEST: Zelda Theme
    Hey Whats Up MMI ? Well I Have A Request Either The Zelda Theme Or How Exactly To Make The Icon Clear For Ex: I Really Want To Just Keep Changing The Slider And The Backround Of My Home Screen..... But It Would Be SOOOO Much Easier If I Knew How To Make Icons Clear Using Photoshop Can Someone Please Point Me In The Right Direction i Have Tried Googling EVERYTHING.... Well Hope Someone Helps And Again My Overall Pbjective Is To Know How To Make Icons Clear Because I Want To Make ALl My Icons For ALL Of My Apps The Same (Clear) Dont You Think That Would Be Much Cooler ? ALl You Have To DO Is Change Your Backround, Sounds and Little Stuiff Through Out THe Phone But Am I The Only One Who Thinks Certain Icons Look Stupid When You Pull Up That Dock On The Bottom Right Corner?? And When You Scroll It Just Looks Idk,,, Again Help Guys Sure Its Not Ur Problem But I Am Tryin To Learn So I Can Post Up My Ideas And Themes In The Future Well Thanks Take Care

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    +1 for zelda theme

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    +4 on Zelda theme =^^=

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    Here's an ocarina of time carrier logo. I tried to make a master sword slider, but I can't find a good starting image. The first one was too big and looked silly when I scaled it down. The second was too small and looked silly when I scaled it up
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