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Thread: How To change color&or font of the clock....

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    Cool How To change color&or font of the clock....
    does anyone know how to change the color or the font of the clock on the main screen in the top bar, and on the lock screen change the clock and the font of the date. and while we are talkin about the lock screen how about changeing the location of the time and the size of the font??


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    i'm wondering this as well

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    any updates on this?

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    hmm..i would want to know about this too..

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    Sounds good to me too... would be nice

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    Yes fontswap is your app.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Just change LockClock.ttf at System/Library/Fonts/Cache

    To make your own - just take the original file LockClock.ttf open with any font editor and just change ONLY numbers and : so 0-9 and :


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    okay…after some initial headache ive been able to get this to install and work.

    im running 1.1.4

    this is what you will need to do…if it still doesnt work…you didnt follow directions. if you dont understand what and how to use the following applications, there are plenty of tutorials out there to help.

    i was unable to find the application in a repository anywhere so i downloaded and unzipped it from:

    i use winSCP 4.10 installed on my PC to connect to my iphone. to use this program you have to turn on your wifi and connect to an active wifi network on your iPhone. Copy down your IP addess you will need it to log in.
    Plug your iphone to your computer using the white USB cable that came with your phone
    Start winSCP - start your session. The host name is your IP address that you copied down. The port Number is 22. The User name is: root the password is: alpine the file protocol is is SCP. Press login.

    (you might get some cache-thing popup…just click yes…its no big deal)

    The left side of your session is the file directory of your computer
    The right side is the file directory of your iphone

    navigate both side to the respective locations…hence the left side to the location that you unzipped the to. The right side to the Applications folder

    Drag the over to the Applications folder.
    Then double click the FontSwap folder so that you can see its contents.
    Once that is done click on the Info.plist file, then right-click on it.
    Select properties. The properties window pops up. If it isnt already the Octal should be: 0755 Then press Okay.

    Back yourself out of the directory back in the Applications directory.

    Find Fontswap folder right click on it go to properties The Octal will say 0755, if it doesn’t change it to 0755

    Right below that there is a Checkbox: “Set group, owner and permissions recursively” Select it. Click Okay.

    Open up a Terminal. (Press control-T - If your not using winSCP, find out how to open up a terminal or another shell session)
    I wondow pops up with a text box, enter this EXACTLY. (yes the CAPS and lowercase matter!)

    chmod ug+s /Applications/

    restart your phone (turn off then turn on)

    All of this information is available by reading all the bits and pieces of previous posts. This is EXACTLY what i did and its is working on my phone with no issues or crashing. I have not decided on adding any additional fonts to FontSwap itself…well….just because i havent read anything yet that says it really works all that well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tugodumchik View Post
    Just change LockClock.ttf at System/Library/Fonts/Cache

    To make your own - just take the original file LockClock.ttf open with any font editor and just change ONLY numbers and : so 0-9 and :

    Um is this safe? I heard trying to change iPhone fonts with your own could literally brick your phone.

    Can anyone confirm?

    I'd like to make my own is why I'm wondering.
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    I have been looking high and low for a Font editor for windows with no luck could any of you guys point me in the right direction.

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    you can use font creator by high-logic google it.

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    I just made a how to to change font and color of your lock screen clock.

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    Thanx Ill Try It

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    [ame=]YouTube - mod iphone clock colour[/ame]

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