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Thread: Tinker Bell Theme

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    I Love The Theme And I Cant Wait For It To Come Out So I Can Download It .. Is It Going To Be Available For Summerboard?? If Not How Can I Put In My Phone??

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    hey just wonderin if anyone can help me in uploading this theme to my phone?? i treid doing it with cyberduck, but no luck at all! anyone know a easier way?!?! HELPP

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    Quote Originally Posted by onefynepnai View Post
    hey just wonderin if anyone can help me in uploading this theme to my phone?? i treid doing it with cyberduck, but no luck at all! anyone know a easier way?!?! HELPP
    Try using these guide, just replace it with the tinkerbell ipb >>>

    good luck

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    where do i get the tinkerbell ipb?? sorry pretty new to this stuff

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    is there a way to download the theme through a source?

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    Default Confused On Installation.
    Quote Originally Posted by badboybill View Post
    Not sure, I didnt get to into the sounds, I used iBrickr and in the sounds section it tells you what sounds you can change. iBrickr asks what sounds you want to change like "Batter charging sound" "Phone unlock sound" etc...

    /System/LibraryFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework/ is where you want to put the files. I hope I zipped up the files with that path so it would be easy.

    Do you put just the files in TelephonyUI.framework/ or the whole folder. Im sorta confused. Do you replace the .png's?

    Is there a better way to figure out how to install this great theme?


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    I was hoping you could help i'm dying to get this thinkerbell theme to my iponhe (1.1.4) and i have no idea how to do this i just downloaded the WinSCP and the theme but i have no idea where to go from here.. i have the windows vista! i would really aprreciate it if you could help!

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    i cant make the keypad show up, everything else works wonderfully, any ideas?? i have been using fugu and going into each folder manually. I have an iphone with 1.1.4 firmware! thanks a bunch!! (by the way im talking about the tinkerbell theme haha sorry!)

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    I'm having the same problem. Everything else except the keypad works great!

    I installed everything manually. Am also trying to get the hello kitty keypad to work with customize (mod for 1.1.4) but I can't get it to show up right also. It shows up as a choice in customize, but I can't get it to replace the actual keypad.

    Oh, one more thing. My ipod icon won't change even if I put the music notes icon into my musicplayer folder and backed up the orange ipod icon. it's so strange!

    any advice? Thanks in advance

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    Does anybody know how to upload it onto my iphone?I tied with Yummy FTP but i guess i don't know where to put the folder.

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    Talking Got the Dialer Up & Running...
    Hello all...pretty late on the Tinkerbell Theme lol...but for anyone who is interested...I got the dialer up and running...after 3 hrs of working on

    Easy version...
    navigate to the applications folder...
    enter the section and place both files inside - overwrite any existing files - (don't forget to backup your original dialer!!!)...
    and ta-da!!!'ll have your matching Tinkerbell Dialer...

    This is the only way that I know how to install...I'm not too good with customize yet...hope you enjoy...

    Kudos to badboybill for creating's pretty

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    hello ,

    i am new to this scene and was wondering is it possible to convert this theme to winterboard?
    I would so love it

    thanx in advance and for reading

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    Hey Scully, aquí esta: Tinker Bell WinterBoard & Wallpaper

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    scully (2008-09-13)

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    thank you very much pijames76

    But i think i am doing something wrong the thema is all scrmbled up and when i try to move the icons around the backgroud with tinkerbell gets torn up.

    but thanks for your help it is much apreciated,
    sorry i couldn't reply any sooner but i was in hospital

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    Scully, winterboard need to fix, tonigh release new version.

    Sorry for my bad english :-)

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    scully (2008-09-15)

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    thank you so much pijames76 ,

    for the converting and the explanation ,i am over the moon with this.
    Also thanks to badboybill for your creativity its really beautifull.
    I was just wondering if i put this theme on ,that i totally love ,and try to change the wallpaper to the one pijames76 provided it wil not work.
    Is that normal?

    thank you again

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    First delete this item: /var/mobile/library/LockBackground.png or jpg and try again.
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