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Thread: Tinker Bell Theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagster40 View Post
    Well my girl's ip is running on 1.0.2 firm so I used ibricker to upload the icons 1 by 1 and uploaded the sound file 1 by 1 as well and got it working with no problems at all. but you cant have any 3rd party apps running. as soon as bad boy gets it ready for summerboard maybe then I can install installer and other apps on her phone.
    I put this on my chick's phone and just used the "dock" sunburst program to access 3rd party apps. It's better without summerboard because the icons also create the background and it does a "fly-in" when returning to home screen. Much better effect than summerboard.

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    hi.. i am a total newbie, i am a girl, so i thank you in advance for your patience. so, i was able to downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 all because i can not live without this theme. i have followed the guides to install apptap and BSD subsystem, open ssh and fugu. i think i am all set.. just not sure exactly which version of the tinkerbell theme to use, meaning the ipb or the original that bad boy uploaded, and i am not quite sure where on the ip folder structure i should put everything.. or should i just wait till one of you guys makes a summerboard version, which i could handle pretty easily since someone said something about the original version having trouble with third party apps..
    I would really like to see a SummerBoard version of this theme from Badboy. But for now Just upload the icons one by one using ibricker or ssh>

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    There has been a Summerboard version of this out for a month now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoovie View Post
    There has been a Summerboard version of this out for a month now.
    Can you post a link pls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagster40 View Post
    I would really like to see a SummerBoard version of this theme from Badboy. But for now Just upload the icons one by one using ibricker or ssh>
    thanks.. i will give it a try today.. i installed the dock sunburst which is totally cool.. then in springboard prefs i turned off the last row of icons.. so i dont think they will interfere with the theme anymore.

    so i am planning on using fugu.. so i just copy the files one by one over the ones that are on the phone ... after making a back up of course.. right?

    thanks again... denise

    ps... this has taught me that i may need a better husband... mine is not techie enough!! lol

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    nice for my gurl's iphone
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    Quote Originally Posted by geovass View Post
    Can you post a link pls?
    Unfortunately I can't. If you look at this post closely though, you might find your way to it.

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    Default someone please help.. i think i am in trouble!!!
    i started to move everything over.... it was making perfect sense.. i moved the app icons all over. and the sounds. but i am really really confused as to what to do with these two things..

    system/library/ coreservices in the theme, in this folder is a file called " on the ip i cant find a corresponding file..

    system/library/ frameworks/telephonyUI.framwork

    not sure where to put these either...

    someone please advice, i am still connected to fugu....
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    i think i am okay.. theme is in, but i have two problems...

    i have two layers of text under the icons.. the text that is part of the graphic which is nice, but i need to turn off the white text that is under the icons that is part of springboard.

    then i could not figure out where to put the these.. bottomarknobgray.png
    bottombarknobgreen.png, bottombarknobred.png, bottonbarlocktextmask.png.

    i think everything else is working.. sounds and everything!

    im talking to myself, but its okay.. learning as i go.. so i rebooted and the white text went away... i loaded the theme with summerboard installed. opps.

    but now my third row of icons is covering tinkerbells face. can i use launcher to make them go away?
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    Default can someone confirm if this is correct?
    this is the only part of the theme that i did not move over in fugu, cause the one in my theme folder on my mac is an app ... and the only corresponding file i could find on the iphone is a folder.

    do i over write the folder with this

    so far everything is working except my battery charging, and i have a black dock instead of a transparent one.

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    i did it!!! all by myself!! and its working perfectly!!!

    thank you to all the guides and info on this site!! i put dock sunburst on there, then i used customize to hide any icons that were covering the theme..

    it looks perfect!!!! thank you badboy bill!!!

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    Where is the summerboard version of this? I have a hard time understanding how to do open ssh, and i can't access wifi when i'm at home, i'll have to drag my laptop to library and do it.... thanks!

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    I really cant wait for badboy to make this theme summerboard friendly but for know you can install it using ibricker. And using the sunburst dock for 3rd party apps.

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    I don't know how to do it that way. I dragged the whole folder into summerboard using iphonebrowser, i was able to select it on my phone but it won't show.

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    Yeah this theme has oversized icons so you have to put them into the specific app folders 1 by 1. Use ibricker it works fine!!!

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    sorry, i'm confused, where do I put the icons then? Also, do i only upload the icons where I have that specific application?

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    Correct you have to upload the icons to each specific app. But there are no 3rd party apps so you have to use the sunburst dock and hide the icons using customize

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    Default SummerBoard
    Hi! I really really like this theme. Like seriously...nice job!! I downloaded the files but I am having a hard time getting them into SummerBoard (doesn't help that I am not really sure what I am doing!!). Do we know if this Theme is going to be added to SummerBoard or should I keep trying to hack it!

    Thank you!
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    First I'd like to say I'm a newbie. I want to try to use the Tinker Bell theme. How do u use the Tinkerbell.ipb Folder? I read the way how to use fugu but I wasn't sure if I'm supposed to overwrite each files and I'm not sure how to backup. Please help.

    Could someone please make it as a summer board??? please......
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    i am trying to convert it over to SummerBoard. I got a lot of the home page icons and the doc converted over but the doc and the top row of icons just barely dont line up right.

    Some things im not sure how to get into a SummerBoard Theme ( i jsut started messing around with this stuff). Things like the Battery Image. I did get it to work with Customize tho and it works jsut fine with that. What about things like calculator and sounds and weather icons? how do i get all that to work in a SB theme?

    I have a idea of what i can do to fix the home page not lining up for SB tho. it will take redoing all the icons and the doc and just using that img he used as a Wallpaper tho.

    any how if the original poster doesn't want me doing this stuff ill never release it ...That is if i can figure it out

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