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Thread: Tinker Bell Theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevadadealers View Post
    I don't have a lot of time to post a long explanation. But I'll try to point you in the right direction:

    Download the theme here:

    Install apptrap from here:
    make sure you get the verison for iTunes 7.4

    when you get apptrap installed install open ssh from inside the installer app (apptrap)

    download fugu from this guide:

    The guide explains the rest of the steps. Hope that helps.
    FINALLY.thank you so much. I just needed to be pointed in the right direction. Your the best. It looks great.

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    Can some one give me a hand with the sounds? I found the sounds in the download file. I renamed them to lock.caf, unlock.caf and beep-beep.caf but when I loaded them on the phone they didn't work. There was no sound at all when I locked or unlocked the phone. I didn't try plugging it in. I was able to re-load the original files and the original sounds worked again.

    Is just renaming the sounds not enough? Do I need to transcode them in some way? Or am I missing something else?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry I just uploaded mp3 files, I shoulda converted them, use a program like switch or something to convert them to .aiff files then rename to .caf files.

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    No problem. I actually figured it out. But thanks for the reply. I converted the files and attached them as a zip. (Assuming I uploaded them correctly)

    P.S. well I guess I didn't upload them correctly? Are they supposed to show up in the post?
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    Think I figured out how to attach the sounds. The zip was too big. Had to break it up.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Hi everyone!
    Let me just say ModmyiPhone is the illest website for modding your iphones.
    I have read for countless hours on how to do all this stuff and the only thing left is for me to make my own themes but I am still shying away because its somewhat intimidating. Maybe I am just being stupid or cant find the right guides to help me out on creating my own themes.
    Anyways to get back to this topic, I just installed this very awesome theme on my wifes phone and she is in love, you earned me massive points.
    But what she really wanted was a little mermaid theme since we just had a baby and her room theme is little mermaid. If anyone wants or is willing to take this task I would be in your debt or if someone can guide me to the right guide maybe I could attempt to photoshop that bad boy myself.

    Please let me know either way.
    thanks and everyone keep up the good work.


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    iPhone = more sex after marriage! ;D
    Hit Thanks!

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    Kelvin -
    You might have more luck getting someone to help on a new theme if you create a new post. Good Luck. My wife would probably love that too.

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    I'm going to load this theme on my iPhone so my gf's 5 year old daughter can go insane when she sees it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugapug View Post
    I'm going to load this theme on my iPhone so my gf's 5 year old daughter can go insane when she sees it
    I'm glad... Now thats what it's all about right there!

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    i'm pretty much clueless about all this stuff, but i really want to get this on my phone! so once i download ibricker and your tinkerbell theme, how do u actually get in on the phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbrow1 View Post
    i'm pretty much clueless about all this stuff, but i really want to get this on my phone! so once i download ibricker and your tinkerbell theme, how do u actually get in on the phone?

    For this theme, which is not Summerboard ready, you would use the method which there is guide for on this site, just go to the guides section and read about instlalling a wallpaper background.

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    kbrow1 (2007-09-18)

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    post up your icons for this theme and i will port it over to iSwitcher and make it summerboard 2.1 friendly.

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    sherlandaw (2007-09-27)

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    Please tell me where i can find the other images like the phone dialer and the weather, i have everything else, Great Theme, my GF loves it and she wants all the whole thing.


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    This theme is great.
    I wish someone would make an installer through summerboard!!

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    I agree. My daughter would love this. Anyone? Summerboard?

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    valoz (2007-10-13)

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    what program do you use to make this work on the phone, it's gorgeous!

    Quote Originally Posted by shagster40 View Post
    Ok got everything installed and it looks great!!!!! My girl is in heaven right now with her new theme!!!! Everything looks outstanding!!! She will have this one on for a while if not for the life of her iphone.

    Thanks again for everything!!!!
    not to be a bother, but could you tell me how to make this theme work on the phone? i see you got it up and running quite nicely. i'm new at this but it looks like you're basically a pro. any help would be much appreciated... thanks!
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    Well my girl's ip is running on 1.0.2 firm so I used ibricker to upload the icons 1 by 1 and uploaded the sound file 1 by 1 as well and got it working with no problems at all. but you cant have any 3rd party apps running. as soon as bad boy gets it ready for summerboard maybe then I can install installer and other apps on her phone.

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    If I was a chick this would be sweet.

    Transformers Movie Sound Pack for your iPhone-HERE

    "300" Movie Sound Pack for your iPhone-HERE

    If you are helped, use the button. It's a much better stat than a post count.

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    hi.. i am a total newbie, i am a girl, so i thank you in advance for your patience. so, i was able to downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 all because i can not live without this theme. i have followed the guides to install apptap and BSD subsystem, open ssh and fugu. i think i am all set.. just not sure exactly which version of the tinkerbell theme to use, meaning the ipb or the original that bad boy uploaded, and i am not quite sure where on the ip folder structure i should put everything.. or should i just wait till one of you guys makes a summerboard version, which i could handle pretty easily since someone said something about the original version having trouble with third party apps..

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