I've got a factory-fresh iPhone updated to the latest firmware to date (2.1).

I've run QuickPwn 2.1 and successfully jailbreaked my phone. I have only two extra apps installed, Installer and Cydia.

I notice I have a new bootlogo when I start up, a b&w pwnage pineapple... nice, but... quite boring.

My question for you, fellow users of mod-meye, is this:
Is there a way to change the bootlogo (and recovery logo) without restoring to a custom-firmware build through SSH/iPhoneBrowsing?

I wish it were as simple as replacing a stock .png file, but I'm ready to get busy with iPhoneShop if need be.

I'm running Windows, btw.

Any help/guidance would be well-received and most appreciated.

Thank you,