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Thread: customize and summerboar isses

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    Default customize and summerboar isses
    i just jb my 1.1.3 with the new Ziphone method,,,,the problem is that customize does not work, it open normaly but none of the changes would take effect on my ifone....same with summerboard i try to download themes and after download they wont appear in the theme section...

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    Default Summerboard Solution
    i have been having the same problem with customize, i think they need to upgrade it for 1.1.3 still, as for summerboard, the themes do not show up correctly under the right folder, you have to go into var/mobile/library/summerboard , you need to make sure the first folder for the theme only has your dock and wallpaper, you should also make a folder in that folder named:Icons : and put everything in its respective position. thats the only way the themes are going to show up, you can download or make your own and make sure they go into the folders, you can do this by SSH if you want, i use iPhoneBrowser and i never have any problems doing so, after you have the theme in summerboard however i have had issues with it before, and this is what i have done to correct it
    1. go into summerboard and select the theme that you have newly put in there
    2. make sure you turn everything off,(theme and advanced)
    3. press the reset summerboard button
    4. open summerboard back up, select what you would like to have on and finally reset summerboard once again

    you might have to play with it at first, but after it fights you for awhile it will eventually work, i am currently using plainjain icons with my own wallpaper, so i know it works, try giving it a shot
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    or if you want to make life alot easier for you just go into installer and install Smb Themes Fix under the tweaks 1.1.3 section.. i dont really know much but im pretty sure that does the stuff that bury explained automatically. im running 1.1.3 and jb with ziphone and my smb works soo.. id say your best bet is to try this way first to see if it works then if it doesnt work you can start messing up your folders manually
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