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Thread: Different icon sizes

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    Default Different icon sizes

    i have winterboard installed with leaf theme, which is a very nice application and theme, but i still have a problem with some icon sizes.

    at the moment i have installed some applications via app store, cydia and installer. some application icons are smaller than all the others.

    i have checked the icon size from the ones that are smaller than any other. and they have exact the same size.

    (org file size in photoshop: 67x70 | file size on the iphone... i think it will be round about only 50x50)

    this is the only difference i could locate so far.

    i have this problem with the following applications:

    - shoppinglist
    - ign reviews
    - garagebuy
    - ioweyou
    - vnc lite
    - weatherbug

    all of them i've downloaded via appstore. some other applications via appstore download have a normal size!?!

    can anybody please help me?
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    anybody any clue?

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    any ideas?

    please... i still have this problem

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    Id try copying new icons for those apps into your theme directory.

    Edit - I just installed the Leaf theme so I could try to see what youre talking about .. and all of my icons are the same size. Perhaps the theme did not install properly? Go into Cydia, remove the theme. Return to springboard and let it respring. Then shut the phone down. Power it back up, reinstall the theme and see if you have the same problem.

    Also, posting a screen shot of the problem would be useful.

    Here is a screen from my phone with Leaf installed. You can see that the theme provides icons for some apps, but not all.. they are, however, all the same size.
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    there are some screenshots, where u can see, that some icons have different size...

    this happens when i'm applying customized icons for some applications like
    - shoppinglist
    - ign reviews
    - garagebuy
    - ioweyou
    - vnc lite
    - weatherbug

    any sugestions?
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    What process are you using to update the icons? Can you post the icon files that you are having trouble with?

    Ok.. I just downloaded some Leaf icons from their wordpress page and installed them. No problems, works fine, all the same size. Possible problems youre having:

    The icon files arent the right size. You can download icons from their page, or request them in their thread here on the forums. You are also welcome to post the icons here so I can check them out.

    You are not installing them properly. Make sure the png files go in the leaf.theme/icons folder.

    The theme may need to be reinstalled, or updated. Remove it via Cydia and then reinstall it.

    Past that, Im not sure what could be wrong. You may want to contact the theme author either on these forums or on their wordpress page.
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    first thanks for your time to help me!

    i'm using winscp to copy the icons via ssh to my phone.

    weatherbug icon has the same size than other icons that are working.

    i've copied the weatherbug icon to leaf.theme/Bundles/

    if i'm using leaf.theme/icons/ the default icon is displayed.

    i already have tested to disable winterboard, reboot iphone, reinstalled winterboard > without success. same behaviour.

    any ideas left?
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    When I copied my icons over, I put them in Leaf.theme/icons. If you are putting them in another area, that could possibly be the problem. Try putting them in the icons folder and respring your phone, see if that fixes it.

    There does not appear to be anything wrong with the icons you posted. So, if its not an issue of the icons being in the wrong place, then I dont know what to tell you. Id contact that theme developer and ask them to integrate the icons youre missing into their next build.

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    hey ProjectGXS, i got it work using your solutions. thanks !

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    can you please give me an example for weather bug?
    what is the exactly png name of the icon you are copying under Leaf.theme/icons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77dude View Post
    can you please give me an example for weather bug?
    what is the exactly png name of the icon you are copying under Leaf.theme/icons?
    In the SpringBoard, the text under Weather Bug is: WeatherBug

    So, the filename in Leaf.theme/icons needs to be: WeatherBug.png

    Does that answer your question?

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    yes, thanks a lot! this hint solved my problem.

    but when did i have to put the icons under leaf.theme/bundles and when under leaf.theme/icons ???

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    Honestly, I dont know why you would ever have to put stuff in the bundles folder. Ive never had to do that. Maybe the author of the theme could give you more details on that one.

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