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Thread: Just a little help PLEASE

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    Default Just a little help PLEASE
    first off sorry if this has been covered before, did a some searching and couldn't find the answer anywhere.

    just got my touch a couple of days ago and im loving it, but the first thing to do was to make it look good.

    basically im about 90% done and generally very happy but...... and isn't there always a but, i can't seem to figure out how to get the wifi bars, clock, battery and my name the same color on the home screen as it is when i open an app.

    hope you can understand what i mean, if not the the attached pics should make it clear!

    and one last thing does anybody know if its posable to change the background of the battery while its charging (so it will match my "slide to unlock" wallpaper)

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    If your asking to make the white name and battery symbol colored like in apps than you need to replace the FSO_----- files with the corrosponding default_----- file. these are located in /system/library/coreservices/

    for example to change the battery you need to navigate to that location, download all the default_battery files and rename them the corrosponding FSO file and reupload. so default_batterylowbg would be renamed to FSO_batterylowbg. i would just download all of the default files and rename them, so that all that status bar icons you will come across will be regular. the only thing you cant change is the time background, sometimes its white, sometimes its black so you would just have to deal with that.

    i'm not sure if you can change the battery background, i havent seen anything about that.

    i HOPE i made at least a little sense lol.... good luck

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    thanks so much for the help, worked a treat! .......

    well almost.

    i changed all the files you suggested, and the wifi is spot on, perfect!
    unfortunately the battery seems a little odd, the color is ok but it doesn't seem to fill the outline and just looks...... odd! (sorry can't seem to find a better way to describe it, one to many odds in that sentence i think!)

    and the iPod logo (top left) is also a slightly different color, (i can live with that) but if i change it to my name, using 'make it mine' the color reverts back to white! im guessing i need to make a custom logo?

    sorry to sound like a total nooby, but its just these little things that so bug me! after working out all the other stuff and being so close to getting my touch to exactly the way i want it only to fall at the last hurle! im sure you can understand.

    shame that the clock can't be changed...... oh well! thanks anyway.

    the attached pic should make all clear!

    thanks again for all your help, but some more would be welcome!

    take it easy and all the best.
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