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Thread: Summerboard Dock Help!!!

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    Default Summerboard Dock Help!!!
    Sorry if this has been covered before, but I searched to no avail.....

    I'm trying to figure out how to have a Summerboard theme with NO dock background...I thought if I just deleted the Dock.png file that it would just go away...but when I do this then the standard default dock background shows you have to add a completely transparent dock image?

    I've even tried downloading themes that have no dock background, but no luck...the default dock background is still present...I went into customize to see if I could get rid of it...but there was nothing else there to switch to, and there was no delete option....

    I could delete it manually, but I don't know where it's located...any ideas???


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    u can make the dock that come with your theme transparent!

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    How do you make it transparent???

    But more importantly, when you have a theme that doesn't even include a dock, then WHY is the default dock being used...the default dock file isn't in the summerboard theme why is it being applied when using a theme with no dock...??? How can you stop this...???

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    u can download which is free and get any dock u want open it in and make it transparent. that's all

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    Or you can load the Dock.png file into Photoshop and change the opacity to 0... that should make it transparent

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    Thanks guys...I'll try that...

    But I still need to know how to get rid of the "STOCK" dock as I can't apply any theme that doesn't have a dock because the stock dock gets applied...any other ideas???


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    Delete SBDockBG2.png from system/library/coreservices/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper44 View Post
    Delete SBDockBG2.png from system/library/coreservices/
    Thank you! After a bunch of trying to learn, I finally was able to make a transparent dock background...which seems to work well...but just getting rid of that file will be great!


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    you could've just downloaded DSI:Transparent in Themes (Customize) in

    it has a bunch of transparent/semi-transparent dock images

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    yo....thanks jasper nice work, that dock image was seriously shitting me

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