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Thread: Guide to creating a TTR theme

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    Lightbulb Guide to creating a TTR theme
    Hey this is a guide to creating your own personal TTR (TapTap Revolution) Skin/Theme.
    It's really a simple method...

    1. First off, you need to have Wi-Fi access as most on this forum do. You need to have a program such as CuteFTP Pro or WinSCP or however you can access your files on your iPod/iPhone.
    2. Permissions need to be set of course... most programs require this also... if it hasn't already been done.
    3. Once you have CuteFTP/WinSCP/etc. open, open the folder /Applications/
    4. Copy each PNG into a file folder on your desktop or wherever you can keep track of it.
    - - PNG file information --
    * Each PNG file in the folder represents a different feature on TTR
    Perfect : This represents the PERFECT visual that appears once you hit a note perfectly.
    Redglow : This represents the glow when you hit a note on the red line
    Spark : I'm not sure what this does... haven't touched it... didn't make a difference.
    Sparkle1 : Note appearance.
    Wrong : The FAILURE visual that appears when you miss a note.
    Whiteglow : The bar that flashes each time a note passes at the bottom of the screen.
    Blueglow : The glow that appears when you hit a note on the blue line.
    Default : The menu background. When creating this the title isn't necessary because Menuback would serve as the title. Otherwise, delete menuback.png from the TTR folder.
    Background : The ingame background.
    Menuback : An optional file. It's not appropriate if you distinguished a title for the game on the Default picture. It serves as the title bar.
    Greenglow : The glow that appears when you hit a note on the green line.
    Icon : The icon on the iPhone/iPod springboard.

    Now that you have an understanding for each file in the folder, I think you would get the basic understanding of what does what and what happens to what when you edit them. <--- lol forget I said that...
    5. Each file should stay the file size ( x Length by x Width ). Edit the pictures or create your own pictures... do whatever you feel is necessary.
    Like I said before, the menuback.png file can be either kept or deleted... if you already made a title on the Default.png file, then the menuback file is not needed. Otherwise... keep it, and edit it to make it the Title.
    6. When all is done, make sure you have each file saved in the PNG file format, or else they won't work. `=]
    7. Transfer all the files back into the /Applications/ folder. Keep the files as the same names they were when they started, and simply overwrite the files in the folders.

    Basically you copy files off the folder, edit them, and put them back. ^_^

    Make sure you set the permissions again when you put them back into the folder...
    Try not to get the Default, Menubackground, and Background files mixed up, trust me... it pisses you off.
    Another thing, when you finished making all the files and you are about to put them back into the TTR directory... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that you delete the Menuback.png file if you didn't use it.
    I beg of you not to touch the other files that aren't PNG's in the folder because I am unaware of what they do, they're probably the game mods and stuff... DON'T TOUCH ... lol

    Remember, edit the files to your liking, and if you think they're really good take some screenshots and post them. I like looking at other peoples work.

    Any questions or comments? Feel free to PM or leave a comment or email me or whatever.
    Thank me! xDDD
    aim: ryanalmightyy get at me

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