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Thread: how do i install a dialer icon without SUMMERBOARD?

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    Default how do i install a dialer icon without SUMMERBOARD?
    Hello there... ive been searching around the forum and i cannot seem to find a clear answer. I just want to install a new dialer icon i downloaded.

    Id rather not install Summerboard ATM..

    I use iBRICKIR v0.91 and there must be some way i can upload this new dialer logo to my phone.

    I am sorry if this question has been asked and answered before, I guess i am just a fool and cannot find it.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Merry CHRISTMAS

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    Dialer... icon? Or skin?
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    its just some nbxmasdialer.png file... i assume thats all i would need.

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    Copy the files to the

    Back it up first.
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    so i do not need to rename them? just send over the nbxmasdialer.png and the phone will automatically detect it?

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    Why don't you spend a little time and familiarize yourself with the process? Lots of threads about dialer skins here. That way, you'll have learned something instead of having it spoon fed to you. That, and you'll be a big boy and you'll know how to fix your booboo all by yourself if you screw up.
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    well sir I do appreciate the kind response..

    every detailed guide / tutorial on the site uses summerboard... and if you had read the title of this thread. I wanted to do it without summerboard. Sure there is a tutorial on how to do this with iBRICKIR but that too uses summerboard.

    For some reason finding summerboard 3.0 has proven a bit difficult, and there is no clear documentation regarding its compatibility with 1.1.2 even on their homepage, thus I asked how can I do it without summerboard...

    Also as i had stated, I cannot seem to find the right guide / tutorial for me. Ya I guess I am stupid, but I really dont know the proper search term I should be looking for that will not point me back to SUMMERBOARD...

    perhaps you or someone could point me in the right direction of a guide on how to do this without summerboard on a 1.1.2 or at least give me an idea of what term i should be searching for to find the appropriate tutorial.

    I wish you a merry christmas and thanks for your time digital oxygen......

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    You could use iPhonebrowser.

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    I'm only replying because you didn't fly off the handle:

    I don't know what you've downloded, typically there are more than one .png files for a dialer pad change.

    Copy all those files into the directory.

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    nbxmasdialer.png doesn't sound like a standard filename - tell us what you are trying to install and where it came from.

    Customizing the dialpad - try searching for howto dialpad or see the (very old now) guide at:

    And finally, SummerBoard is available in, works great with 1.1.2 (turn off Dim Wallpaper) and doesn't help with customizing the dialpad.
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    All I got was this PNG file from somewhere on the site here... cannot remember where for the life of me.

    perhaps someone could turn this into a dialer since its not all the required files...

    odd i thought i attached it...

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    If it is too large it wont attach.
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    Just use Summerboard. 1000s of us are using it on 1.1.2 with no problems.

    Chances are you're gonna screw up your dialer, and come back asking how to fix it
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    True. I didn't like Summerboard either, but once you make sure DIM Wallpaper is turned off, its smooth sailing.
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    BTW, if it really is an icon, i.e. you want to replace the Phone icon in the dock on the home screen, then you just need to overwrite the icon.png in the /Applications/ folder on your phone.

    iPhoneBrowser lets you do that by right-clicking the file and picking Replace File...
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