I have an unlocked iPhone on version 1.0.2 and it was bought already unlocked. When I bought it, the phone came with a application called iLang which allowed me to switch languages from english to chinese which I did not need and later removed it. I noticed that everytime I use my iPod on my iPhone the "Now Playing" icon is missing in the top RIGHT corner. For example, lets say I'm play a song...and I want to find another song in a playlist which requires me to press the top LEFT corner of the screen to go back to my playlists screen...when I'm in the playlist section the icon in the top RIGHT of the screen should say "Now Playing" and by tapping that it should bring me back to the song I am currently playing. That "Now Playing" icon is missing, but touching the top right still has the function of taking me back to my current song playing. Anyone have any ideas on why the icon is missing?

BTW, when I still had my iLang application installed on my phone, I had the "Now Playing" icon but it was in chinese.

I know it's not a big deal because it is still functional, but I hope someone can help me out. Thanks!