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Thread: Can't copy new keyboard file using WinSCP

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    Default Can't copy new keyboard file using WinSCP
    Hey, I'm using WinSCP to transfer files to my iphone, and I'm trying to copy a new keyboard skin to my phone, which consists of Keyboard-Common.artwork and Keyboard-Latin.artwork that are supposed to go into the /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/ folder.

    I made a folder /stock on my computer to put the two original files into, then I copied Keyboard-Common.artwork to my iphone successfully, then when I try copying Keyboard_Latin.artwork I get the error:

    Copying files to remote side failed.

    and under more info it says:

    General failure (server should provide error description).
    Error code: 4
    Error message from server: Failure
    Request code: 6

    it happens at about 4-7% progress and it happens everytime, I've disconnected and reconnected my iphone to my WiFi and everything but still no luck.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: turns out i had WinSCP in SFTP mode not SCP, so i thought that fixed the problem, but now the progress goes all the way to 97% or so and then aborts because it says there's not enough disk space left. I have plenty of space so that's not the problem....

    EDIT 2: Apparently total disk space doesn't reflect amount of System File space?
    Cause iTunes says i have 2.43Gb free, but after i deleted some stuff, the file finally transferred.

    How exactly does the iphone distribute system disk space and stuff?
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    Im having this same exact problem. what files did you delete?

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    Same here, I deleted the French folder but it didn't help. I also can't replace the backup I made!

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    down and install the boss tool and open it then tap on the option to move all your apps to the larger partition of the hard drive. iphone has two hard drive ... one is 300Mg which where all the apps and system files go and the other one is for iPod so download that and it will move them to the larger one and free up all your disk space.

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    I have transferred 3 files

    using black inverted i downloaded of here
    and its not working im getting the same keyboard theme i always had

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