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Thread: Customize 2 10 beta

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    Default Customize 2 10 beta

    Does anyone know why I cannot see any themes under the new tab and the top 40 tab. Ive installed the sources and suid fix and summerboard and got customize ticked under summerboard. I have restored the phone twice now so want to know if I am missing a source or something that is stopping me seeing anything under these tabs. Also there are not as many themes as there were before in customize.

    Any ideas guys/girls?

    Many thanks

    iphone 1.1.4

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    Thats funny because I thought I was only one. I have themes on all tabs except new. I dont know what the deal is but annoying. I hope some has the answer to this..

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    Yes its getting on my nerves now. Tried everything. Wish someone could tell us. Lets hope so



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    I've noticed that a lot of people here have been having this problem. If you SSH into your phone and do the following:

    navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/Customize2/Cache

    delete all of the files that say ThemeListByChar0 thru ThemeListByCharZ

    Now when you go back into Customize2 and browse themes, it'll re-check the online directory for themes rather than checking the cached file.

    Don't forget to hit "thanks"

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    it did not work for me.. my new tab is still empty???? sooooo I deleted what?

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    from what i understand the new customize doesn't work the same as the old.
    you have to go into smb prefs and turn everything off
    then go into customize and turn em on
    then to get your images from themes (icons,batteries etc) you have to "import" and "backup" the themes
    that puts em in the cache
    check out youtube
    some guy named ipodtouchhelper44 (i think thats the number on his name)
    search "ipod touch customize" and he'll come up right awy in the first 10
    he's got a great walkthrough on how to get it working
    hope thats some help but check out his post cuz i may have gotten the backup thing wrong
    have been bouncing between the beta and modded customize and keep gettin them confused in my head

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    wow... What ever happened to download,install,and have fun.. Now its dowlod,stall, shh,do this now change this go to this website download this to make this do this..lololol it just funny now...

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    try deleting the cache in customize settings. that should do it. i had a same problem and it helped

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    Quote Originally Posted by gavko View Post
    try deleting the cache in customize settings. that should do it. i had a same problem and it helped

    I did do that and it didn't work... I deleted everything from blahblah 0 all the way to z and I got nothing.. The new tab in customize is still empty..

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    Ok, so my fix worked for me and a few people confirmed it. Then I tried it again and the themes disappeared again. I've tried messing with the cache some more to no avail. I went on the Customize2 site today and purchased the premium membership which gives you access to different servers, ssh'd into the phone and deleted the cache again and voila, all the themes work again. I've tried it 3 times with perfect success. Seems to be some sort of problem with Spicy Chicken's "normal" user servers...

    To me, it's worth the $1/month that S.C. charges. The work that he puts into this program alone is deserving of it.

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    Default Genius
    Hi SupahDave

    Your a genius. Upgraded to premium deleted the whole of my cache and voila new themed appeared.



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