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Thread: Anyone know which file to replace for blue at top

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    Default Anyone know which file to replace for blue at top
    trying to find out what file to replace for the blue strip at top of phone app. Thanx

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    I have tried that file numerous times making it black instead of blue and I canot get it to work, I have pretty much completly modded my phone in every aspect so i am not really a newb, i think it may be a different file unless someone can confirm otherwise

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    I haven't done this yet but take a look at DefaultDialer.png

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    I've been trying to change this color too. I've modified all of the following files, making them a different color (red). The top bar does not change color . Briefly, while the phone is loading an app(like the MobilePhone) you might see the red bar (I'm not sure which file made that change, and I don't really care). I want it to be a different color while the app is running. MobilePhone and iPod for example.
    These I've modified and not gotten it to work (concentrating on the

    Has anyone managed to find this damn file? Please let us know!


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    do you have your dialer modded? If so, just add enough space on the template to accompdate the lcd part. If im not mistaken, its bardialer_sel.png. Sry, not home right now so i cant check

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    Yes, I've also modified Bar_DialerSel.png. I made all the icons at the bottom of the MobilePhone red, as well as made a red background behind the numbers(dialer). But... even if modifying this file somehow made that top bar turn a different color, it wont do it for the "Recents" or "Favorites" or for the iPod.. It seems like there must be a file in the UIKit.frameworks that does it, but I've changed all the ones in there that seem like they would do it. no luck.
    Someone must have done this by now!

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    Try to make the Default.png the same as DefaultDialer.png. Are you doing all these files at the same time or doing one at a time and changing them back if they don't work? They all work together so change them all and see if it works out. I might try this myself later if I come up with something I like.

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