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Thread: Starting Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Requests?

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    Talking Starting Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Requests?
    i'll be startin to make a full aqua teen hunger force theme this will be my first theme i will do.

    i want people to show me what they would like so i can get a idea of what people want i dont think im gonna mess with the home keys but i will add a backround to the home keys and the dock.

    so please request pictures for the background of it and yada yada yada so i can get a overview of what yall will want i will pry make many sliders and all that easy stuff.

    slider - 1 done (same as below) will create more
    slider background -incomplete
    wallpaper - incomplete
    dialpad - 1 complete (will post tommorow when near comp) will create more
    home backround - incomplete
    dock - incomplete
    calculator - incomplete
    battery - incomplete
    (if im missing anything please inform me)

    If any one has any icons pictures etc... They would like me to use post the pic and tell me what you want it to be used for in the theme and i will gladly create it.

    I will be making many of each thing just for peoples different tastes and so you can switch it up if you want
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    i made a quick one for myself a little while ago and i used the image of shake from the boost mobile episode, can never go wrong with that

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    Can't wait for this theme!

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    Wasabi Fries!!!!!!!

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    im in.. will i use it prob not

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    hand banana... bart oates, boxy brown, broodwich, frat aliens, the tree court, mc pee pants, sir loin, shake from boost mobile episode, the mexican kidney beans... just a few of my favorite, cant wait for the theme, make it soon pleaaaase

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    got some of it done got the wallpaper and a slider done will be making more of those. the keypad and calculator is pretty well done just need to tweak both a bit but heres some pictures.

    tell me what you think so far and yes i know the calculator needs a little adjusting any comments requests?

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    thats pretty sweet, but im pumped to see what your springboard looks like, i hope you have some cool stuff in there, cant wait. Try to add in some of those things i put above if you need a site that has all the episodes and tons of screen shots

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    first im starting with the easy stuff haha sorry spring board with pry be last im thinking of the battery looking like shake filling up what you guys think about that?

    pry will take a bit to get the springboard up i dont have many ideas on that but i think one will be shake with the pda or something in all and thanks for the link helps alot

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    yeah that battery sounds sweet, post it when you have it if you dont mind

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    well i had a break through with the springboard when i was high last night.
    drugs "mind expanding" hahaha jk dont do them much but ya know
    i was thinking what do you think about this the phone would be the boost mobile phone from athf and the ipod would be meatwad dancing to music like in a few episodes what do you think

    i have ideas for the rest to
    im gonna start working on the battery now probally
    dunno how its gonna go havent made a battery yet so cross your fingers haha
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    took out the treasure map in a screen cap of the broodwich episode... would be a good maps icon For some reason I couldn't get the transparency to stick after i attached it... so I just made the background an easy color to take to transparency... there a trick to making it stick while attaching to a post?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -maps.png  

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    no i just do it on photobucket then add image

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    @Mohulis - standard .gif and .png transparency should hold up fine in the forums... if for some weird reason it DOES give you an issue, just .zip it up before you attach it.

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    got some of the spring board done the battery is posing a bit challenging if someone may be able to show me how to do that post springboard pics tommorow lol yes i know im slow at making themes im sorry ive been chillin with my friends and my gf lately will pry mostly be done soon

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    i have right now the rough copy of the youtube maps and the phone on the spring board trying to figure out what i could use for the other icons im thinking billy the witch doctor for the internet ( or w/e and meat wad dancing as the ipod

    any one have ideas for anything else

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    is this project still active.plea some 1 respond.I was so excited about this theme

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