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Thread: Need help with a theme please.

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    Default Need help with a theme please.
    Hi Guys,

    I recently got a Matrix Theme, it was not the one that was done here and I am having a hard time installing it.

    It is big, lots of folders in it.

    In the main folder it has 16 other folders ranging from calculator to you tube. In these folders, there are .png files I am guessing these are the icon images. Not in a folder there is a .png file a .jpeg file and a thumbs.db file.

    I have just been using summerboard and icustomize to get themes, and I have download a theme or 2 which of course was made for summerboard.

    When I SSH this theme across, it shows up in summerboard/theme but selecting it does not do anything.

    It is an awesome theme, and I would really like to get this going. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    did you ever firgure out how to install the Matrix theme . please let me know . im confused?

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    im also having issues installing any theme all i can change are the ones i have on summberboard. any help guys? thanks

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    What exactly are you having problems with? With a Summerboard theme everything is pretty specific. You make a folder, and name it whatever the theme name is. For example, I will name the Folder "Glass". You then make a new folder within the "Glass" folder and label it "Icons" (without the quotation marks, and make sure the I is capitalized). Now here is a tricky part. The names of the icon .png's MUST match the exact display name of the app on the homescreen. For example, Your SMS icon must be labeled Text, and for the Phone is must be labeled Phone. Capitalization is key in this step as well. If it shows a capitalized letter on the homescreen, then your .png item in the Icons folder must mirror the word exactly. Now, to have a wallpaper you would name the file "Wallpaper" with the capitalized "W" and place it into the "Glass" folder. Then if you made a dock, you must label it "Dock" and place that file into the "Glass" Folder. Here's a quick visual setup:
    Folder "Glass" should include the following:
    Subfolder "Icons"
    Folder "Icons" should include the following:

    I think that should do for now...


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