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Thread: wanting one icon per "row"

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    Default wanting one icon per "row"
    is this possible? i was messing around in photoshop with another theme i saw on here and wonderin if it was possible to do.. if so.. this is the general idea im looking to do.

    *edit.. damn photo isnt showing... basically i just want one big icon per row all centered.
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    hmmm that actually would be pretty sweet.. im trying to think how you could do it tho?
    maybe using and having large icons for just the 4 main ones on your screen... but you would have to push the screen in the right spot and not just anywhere in the row
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    problem im not understanding.. and im a total noob anyways is that the bottom row.. if you have just one icon will auto center... the other rows with just one button auto left centers.. any insight?

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    if there was a way to have a series of 'dummy' applications redirect to the app you'd like, you could have each row of 4 icons launch the app your after...after that i think its just a matter of clever icon/wallpaper/dock design.

    I'm not sure if this has been done/is possible though...

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    the easiest way to do this is to create 3 blank app icons (dummy apps) and then just put the icon you actually want there. The icon you want to see will be a huge one and only the actual spot on the icon where it is on the springboard grid would open the app.

    You can get it so that anywhere on the spot would open it but it would be quite a bit of extra work, and wouldnt really save much.

    this is an example of what i am talking about on how to do it with blank apps. you would just put 3 blank apps per row and the 1 icon that is large enough to cover the entire row. It is a centered icon so your large icon will have to be offset so that when it centers it looks like it is actually centered, whereas a part of it will be off screen.

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