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    Default Icons
    Can someone tell me how to create icons because i have made over 6 requests for the same icon but i guess i will have to make it myself
    so can someone tell me how to make the what program etc.

    Anyone gonna help me out
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    I'm looking for a site that has icons for download(I have ibrickr ready to go).

    Nothing terribly fancy needed I just hate the stock You tube(too retro) and camera icon(way to plain jane) and don't need a whole theme change.

    Any help is appretiated!

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    If you post a picture of what you want the icon to look like, I can make one for you.

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    I'm not 100% sure, but they would need to match most of the stock icons.

    I like the tv and actual picture of a camera but it would need to be in the normal square=ish form


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    Have you checked-out some of the ones I've made? Most are framed, similar to stock with some color editing and some originals. You might like'em.

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    Well i was looking for the icons here

    i have the stock but i want to have a nes icon and an itunes one
    but no one has answered me in any of my posts

    Iz anybody gonna help me or are you guys gonna reject me again
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    Will someone please help me with these icons i asked 2 weeks ago
    MyPhone is better than yours

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