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Thread: hide incoming texts? idea

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    Default hide incoming texts? idea
    I know one way to hide incoming SMS messages, set the phone with passcode and that's an option.
    My idea is to take the .PNG file of that box
    and make it a solid color to try to hide the text i have to try this later since im at work

    I dobr even know if you all understand but i get it lol

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    yeah I was thinking about that the other day but I would get tired of my friends using my phone and when a text comes through they'd be like "your phones jacked up" solid color box popping up would look like a pretty bad glitch. Everyone I know is hoping for stuff like that cause I'm surrounded by iPhone nay-sayers who already say it costs too much and its gonna be full of bugs. Anyway, maybe since the text is white, you could make an image that is white (mainly where your text would appear) and above that in the image have the words "New Text Message"...then all you would see is new text message with options to view or ignore, you know what I mean
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    or maybe edit a plist or something to change it so it doesnr show a message maynw just a peroid or whateva you put

    Well first off, what's the file location of the box? And what controls the text thtat appears
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    Any progress on this?

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    You can hide the incoming text messages (SMS) in Settings->General->Passcode Lock -> Show SMS Preview (Off)

    Dunno why Apple has to put it here instead of under Settings->Phone...


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    I would really appreciate, a way to hide my incoming messages without the passlock, cause I don't want to enter a code every time I switch my iphone on.
    Also when I give my iphone to someone it's obviously running and then the message will appear and the one who is looking just could click "view message".

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    set the passcode lock to be locked after 4hrs

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