Anyways, ive been reading these threads about how people are having issues with getting SummerBoard to work on their 1.1.4. phones and i myself are one of those people. But here is something that i discovered in the process of installing/uninstalling the Patch/Summerboard app.

So I installed all the necessary patches and after the respring it still didn't show the theme, then when i removed the patch and summberboard, after the respring there was a wallpaper on my main menu (where the icons are). I dont know how this happened or what caused this to happen, but maybe it will help you guys figure out whats going on with this 1.1.4 deal.

Hope someone can help me out and let me know whats going on with my phone.

PS. The wallpaper stays on my phone until i restart it, then after that i get the regular black background.