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Thread: Slider/Carrier/Icon Requests - POST THEM HERE!

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    I have a rar of files i need worked on, anyone up to the task of theme creation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .:MirrorminD:. View Post
    Here is another PacMan, once again my camera sucks, and please ask permission before posting on other sites:
    Once again make a copy of the attachment and rename it to : FSO_Carrier_ATT.png

    i did this on my phone and it comes up on every thing i click except for the main page like pictured above. what could be the problem?

    never mind its fixed..
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    Can someone please make me a carrier logo that says "Ill Will"? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HungLO View Post
    Can someone make a carrier logo with transparent background using the following logo:
    Well, I decided to give it a shot myself. This is my first go; it could have been better. I'll keep practicing.

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    I went ahead and created another logo from scratch using the text method instead of the graphic. I think it looks a bit better.

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    Can somebody please convert this image into a slider for me


    PS: And with that maybe a carrier pic with the same symbol and the name Jason =)
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    Default default icons
    can someone please zip the .png images for the default wi-fi and status bar icons located in the springboard app??

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    If anyone is interested, I changed the AT&T logo to an american flag. I'm sure you can make it a flag of your country, if you were interested. I also changed the bars to be moon cycles. When signal is strong, full moon. When signal is weak, crescent moon, etc.....

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    hey. I'd love for someone to make a carrier icon sized/mac-ized version of my little 'symbol'. I'd like it to have the sort of aquagraphic style of typical mac icons/graphics and to be dark blueish in color. perhaps another version in red as well?

    anyways here it is:

    but obviously it'll have to be more flattened out and be sort of like this:
    Thanks in advance!

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    Can someone make me a carrier logo that says [apple logo in red] i [in yellow] Mike [in blue]

    so it would be iMike next to an apple logo with the colors I have in the ['s.

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    Could some one make me a slider icon with this exit sign. It would be much appreciated.



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    I need help please.

    i can not change my carrier logo. I used the iphone in germany with hardware unlock. And sim Card from Base (E-plus).

    I change the FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png and Default_CARRIER_ATT.png
    and from vodafone cingular and t-online. But nothing happens.

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    can anyone make my name "Eric's Iphone" for the carrier logo but with like a mario party font with colors thanks if the name doesn't fit the just Eric Z.

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    Can someone convert the rest of the standard application icons to closely match the four that are included in this set?

    In particular, I need a reflective surface for Text and Notes.

    The size of the icons and their reflection are perfect (other mirrored sets are too small, or the reflection is not a part of the icon).

    Also, is it possible to make a Pac-Man slider and put an image of a ghost where it says "slide to unlock"?

    thanks for the help!

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    Can someone make me a carrier logo with the apple logo with the text: iDemon ?


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    could someone please make this into a carrier icon for me?

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    if anyone has time can someone make this please
    Hit Thanks!

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    Can someone make me a NY Yankees "NY" symbol as a carrier signal logo? Just the interlocking NY part. Also if someone could make the below pic as a slider icon too would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    hey SubZero where did you get your icons??? they r sick

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    Default Carrier Logo Needed!!
    Can someone please make me a CARRIER Logo like this...

    apple (symbol) RabbitNYC

    Dat would kick ***.... THANX!

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