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Thread: Slider/Carrier/Icon Requests - POST THEM HERE!

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    Default Apple logo carrier icons
    Made an improved set of simple Apple logo carrier icons, proportioned and spaced to fit nicely, and not look out of place. Enjoy:
    MMi link
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -applelogodark.gif   -applelogolight.gif  
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drethedog View Post
    Sorry the picture sucks but the pointing finger looks very nice on the iphone screen.... I attached the file so if anybody want to use it, feel free.....
    Where did you get that duracell battery icon? Thats awesome!

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    could somebody make me a carrier logo that says "Josh" in a cool red font (somewhat cursive text like loring). If you need to add ~ stuff to make it the right size that is cool ~


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    I am totally geeking out about what some of you can do to the iphone. totally cool.

    I am wondering if someone can do a carrier that says
    cfly and maybe with a pic of this little image


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    Hemtek: try searching in the downloads section
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    Default please some help COLTS Carrier
    can someone make me a colts carrier logo and also slider and if someone has a colts skin they would like to share that would be great

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    i Have a request if some one can make (7ev3n) for me if its not to much trouble ive tryed no luck thoe thanx

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    Can one of you awesome photoshoppers kindly make me a Carrier Logo?
    All I need is something that is in clear font and one in fancy maybe if you have time, both just white and black.


    Thats all.. I put down three for my whole name. I am just curious which would look the best.

    Thanks again in advance and i'll be sure to "thank you" !


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    Can someone make me an icon for the photos icon, right now I have one that looks like a stack of photos laying on top of eachother with the top photo being a picture of outer space, can someone make me a the same style but with this picture on top? Its My myspace pic.


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    hey isn't that the guy from jimmy kimmle live! he warms up the audience and directs what is going to happen in the show! i just went to my first live television show.

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    Just messing around with the battery charging status. Don't know if anyone likes? Let me know and I can compile all the images together.[IMG][/IMG]

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    Default ATT Logo
    where can i find the default ATT carrier logo?.thanx

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    i like it please compile them cuz i got the lighning pic for the last one as a replacement cuz it looks cool

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    I'd appreciate it if someone could make me a carrier logo with the Apple symbol and "T Allen" to the right of it in Rage Italic or a similar font.


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    Could someone make me a file that changes the text of the slider from "slide to unlock" to "push it to the limit"? Thanks alot.

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    I was wondering if any one could work on a Hip Hop iPhone theme.

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    I came up with an idea that i think would benefit a lot of people:

    A MobileFinder icon that is the same size as the other iPhone Apps.

    i don't have photoshop so i can not do this myself.

    thanks in advance.

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    Could someone do the same as the jeffrey one back on page 11, but with the name sean?

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    Default Movie Review stars
    I was thinking/wondering if someone has or would be interested in making signal strength pngs that are like the ratings for movies. As in one bar is one full star and then 4 empty stars. And full signal is 5 stars out of 5. Anyone? I think it could be quite nice..

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