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Thread: [Official] show off your theme thread!!

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    It's Mi (2011-07-09)

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    LiquidOrb - Green

    Just a simple basic theme so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trentmorris View Post
    I call it, Cocaine.

    An all over the place collection of favorites.

    I'm working on full credits, will update when I have them all written down.

    (click to enlarge)
    I really like this theme A LOT. How would i be able to get this. could u send the file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayreton View Post

    my ipod when there's no album art.
    This theme is incredible! Can you share what it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Late_Nights View Post
    What theme is that? It looks awesome...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpoppa822 View Post
    This theme is incredible! Can you share what it is?

    yeah sure man, its a variation i made on a theme called teknologic, using elements from other themes, and custom icons other users have made posted elsewhere, that ive incorporated into the theme. swing me an email [email protected]

    this my theme now:
    revi-krs theme
    macbook keyboard (color keyboard)
    comfortaa font (bytafont)
    make it mine (change carrier name)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhAzE Variance View Post
    LiquidOrb - Green

    Just a simple basic theme so far.
    Can you share the wallpaper?

    Jade hd :-)
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    "Sure thing buddy"

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    Make sure to give thanks where thanks is due.

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    Default inform !!
    Quote Originally Posted by filounoir View Post
    I just got an white iphone and would wish for myself an nice white theme. Most of the current themes are not that white enough for me, so iam creating one for myself.
    Before ayone would ask, that will be not be released to the public, `cause of most of the ideas and graphic templates are from other payed themes and changed just for my own likenings. That is an perpagehtml setup, where the graphics go from site to site in background flow into each other on the pages.

    what makes you think that others wont want to buy these themes too?
    if so, it would be quite rude to creators
    at least you could mention themes names & developers and let us be informed

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    Here's a real theme, theme mario style currently the iphone 4 retina package is on cydia and the 3G and 3GS package is being processed.

    MarioBrOS - i4 OS 4.2.1-4.6.7 ONLY for retina devices and MarioBrOS - 3G & 3GS OS 4.2.1-4.6.7 ONLY for non-retina devices

    check out my main thread on it @

    It made an official launch around 6pm MST 7/11/11 and by 10am MST 7/12/11 it had almost 1,200 downloads! (over 5,000 now and almost 5,000 just for the Color Keyboard)

    The app on Cydia only has winterboard theme aspects, the facebook page for this theme has all of the additional theming aspects, such as color keyboard, perpage wallpapers, iconoclasm layouts, .strings and .plists to theme the wording on your iphone 4 and instructions for all SSH activities you wish to use.

    Please check it out and comment! I will incorporate feedback into future updates. app page:

    MarioBrOS - i4 OS 4.2.1-4.6.7 ONLY

    facebook page with information and all non-winterboard downloads and themeing aspects:

    MarioBrOS - Complete iOS 4.2.1-4.2.6 ONLY | Facebook

    Color Keyboard theme app page:
    MarioBros - Color Keyboard (3GS and i4)

    Theme Pictures:


    Color Keyboard Theme Pictures:


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    I've never really used any other theme. Suave has the best icons, in my opinion. Auto creates icons so all the icons are uniformly sized. There's a matte finish through out the entire phone. I've done a few mods like transparent status bar and dock and a few minor things.
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    Just showing off..any comments??

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