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Thread: create icons for the iphone

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    Default create icons for the iphone
    Hey bro. how do u create new icons with ur own jpg file for the iphone? i will like to change all my iphone icon with some of the pic from my computer. what will be the program that will be needed to do so on windows computer? anyone have the tools and link on the step by step guide? or someone can help me convert the jpg file into a iphone icon format and create the icon wif themes like louie mantia-black on the summerboard only without the dock. thanks

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    There are a lot of threads covering this, but in a nutshell you need a graphics program that can save PNG format files; a lot of us use Photoshop. Its not a rare format so most any graphics program will do that. The icons are 60x60 pixel PNG files. The dock is 91x320, and if you save a blank PNG file at that size you will only see the wallpaper image. WinSCP will let you load files on your phone. Summerboard is the program that lets you change themes. I'd recommend you install one of the default themes and learn how they are set up.

    If none of that makes sense, or if you haven't Jailbroken your phone then you have a lot of reading to do. Try the Stickies and tutorials. Read past threads, that kind of thing.
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    i have already reside the pic into 60x60. after reading those post and video i have seen. most of them r using mac to do that. but how ever i still cant really understand the step and i was not having a mac pc. my phone is already unlock and version is 1.1.2.

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    You need a graphics program. Save the image as a PNG file and name it the same as the application, Text.png for example.

    Install SMBPrefs on your phone.
    Install a theme on your phone.

    Read previous threads because they will tell you where the Theme files go, how they are structured, and setting the correct permissions.

    Build your theme according to those instructions.

    Since you mentioned LM-Black install that theme on your phone and use WinSCP to locate it in var/root/Library/Themes/...

    That will give you an indication of how the themes are supposed to be built. I suggest you learn by modifying that theme.
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