Whenever I add a new source to either Rock or Cydia, it restarts my iPhone. It does this at the stage of Reloading Data in both cases.

It is quite annoying.

iPhone 3G, 4.0.1 jailbroken with JailbreakMe.com.

I believe I had the ikee worm at one point; SSH was not working. I managed to get rid of it, it may have played a part in this (however the issue did not start until a fair amount of time after I got rid of it).
I have all three Rock, Cydia and Icy. Icy isn't opening so I can't test it there (I will address that particular issue in another thread as I assume it's a different issue). This happens to both Rock and Cydia.
I am able to, in Rock (unsure about Cydia), close the program before it gets to the stage of Reloading Data. This prevents my iPhone from rebooting.

If there is any more information needed, please just post.