ok so yesterday i installed sim city for snes4iphone and it installed rock. When i opened rock it said somthing about wanting to fix itunes.app that there was a problem(i think thats what it said i know that there was some problem it wanted to fix) and cuz rock downloaded with a rom i was like there is a chance its hacked and someone is trying to mess up my phone and so i was like ill uninstall it and if it says it when i reinstall it from blackra1n app then i know that its legit. So i uninstalled rock i when to the blackra1n app and said install rock it did it resprung and it was in safe mode i was like ok so i restarted it was still in safe mode. I couldnt find a install of rock on my iphone i went to cydia installed it respung unistalled it respung when into different files thro ifun box deleted rock stuff respung and still in safe mode! I even tried to blackra1n again but that didnt work i really dont want to do a restore and rejailbreak is there anything els i can do before i have to do a restore?