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Thread: Custom Text Message Notification Sounds

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    windows sorry forgot that

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    i'm not sure, just try checking on google, for Mac I use Switch.

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    i did and had no luck? anybody know a good one

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    Adobe SoundBooth.


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Just use iTunes to convert. Go into the preferences and tell it to use the AIFF Encoder when importing files. You'll then be able to right click on any song and have an option to convert to AIFF. After that you can just change the extension to CAF.

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    If you already converted to aif, all you have to do is right click and go to rename and just change the extension to .caf

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    can someone please help me with this... idk wtf im doing wrong, ive done everything to the "T".

    il attach my file.

    yes its the "!" sound from mgs. im trying to get it as my caf file.

    can someone please get it to work and then send me back the caf file ready to ssh in, idk why its not workign for me.

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    How do you convert Wav Files to CAF files? With a converter obviouslyn but which one can you recommend?

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    as mentioned before, just use itunes, you already have it to use an iphone, just follow the directions above to convert.

    ex drag desired file into itunes, convert, go to folder where itunes keeps converted files, change the .aff to .caf (same thing, diff ext. name), copy file into desired iphone dir and all should be good

    i can vouch for this as i have already done this quite a few times for ring tones, sms, lock, unlock, etc

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    if gotten to the point where you convert the song to caf and when i click it to make it go back into itunes it comes up as a quicktime window. can anyone help me with this issue?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    It's really simple ... once it's a .caf file, you don't put it back into itunes. Just transfer it to the appropriate location on your phone.

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    Great info! Thanks

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    Thanks ThirstyTurtle
    for the step by step procedures on how to replace the customs sms tone alert.
    However there's one procedure seems missing to complete the transfer of the
    preferred sms alert tone.

    You just mentioned in the procedure number as You need to replace one of those sms-received-caf files with your sound. Keeping the same name...etc...

    The question is how can i possibly replace the original sms-received.caf with my own sound? I hope you could give details on how to do it to effecct the procedure in repalcing the customs sms alert tone.

    many Thanks.


    Quote Originally Posted by ThirstyTurtle View Post
    whoops, Switch doesn't convert to .caf, I actually converted it to .aiff and then when I put it back in the folder, I renamed it "sms-received4.caf", and when Mac OSx asked me if I wanted to "keep .aiff or use .caf", I chose to use .caf. This worked just fine for me. However, if you have access to a .caf converter, you might as well just do that, but either way will work just so you know. You're welcome for the write-up, let me know if you have any problems.
    It's me again ThirstyTurtle,

    I wrote to you about on how to replace the stock sms alert tone, I finally figured that out but managed to replace only one customized sms alert tone. Tried several times doing the same procedure as I did to the first successful tone alert that I had but the rest to no avail.

    This was what I did;

    Followed all the procedure of your instruction.

    Imported my music using Quicktime saved it as AIIF then rename it to sms-received1.caf and so on and so forth.

    Unfortunately was managed to do only on the first one the rest went kaput.

    Any help is well appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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