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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post here, I'm hoping someone experienced can help me out.

    I've posted a few ringtones to Cydia, they are:

    Pac-Man Dies SMS Tone
    Super Mario 1Up SMS Sound
    David Letterman - You got Mail Skippy
    Coca-Cola SMS Sound
    Blue's Clues We Just Got a Letter


    Here's the problem, Pac-man dies seems to work fine for everyone except those with 3GS phones for some reason and Super Mario 1UP Sound appears to work, nor do the other ones.

    Can someone please check these out and tell me what I may be doing wrong?

    I'm a beginner at this I must admit and all your help would be greatly appreciated. My only thought is that these files have a time or file size limit that I may not be aware of.

    Other than that, the way I'm packaging them is like this:

    For SMS Tones:

    Pac-Man Dies SMS Tone\UISounds\sms-received3.caf

    For Mail tones:

    Blue's Clues Mail Tone\UISounds\new-mail.caf

    I enjoy doing these things and I like people getting enjoyment out of the work I do but it's pissing me off the fact that I keep screwing up, I don't like to waste people's time and I would like to get it right the first time.

    All your advice is greatly appreciated. I have attached the files for anyone to review and give me their feedback, if I'm doing something wrong I don't mind hearing about it please be honest and let me know what it is, i won't consider it bashing.

    Thanks everyone
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    I got the Blue's Clues one to work. I did that by changing it to an mp3 and figuring out that it was about 30 seconds long. Most of it was just blank noise after the actual mail song.

    I deleted that large section and got it down to about 5 seconds long and reconverted it to a caf and SSHed it into my phone. I have a 2G iPhone and I tested it out. It worked perfectly fine.

    My assumption is that maybe if a sound file is too long then it will not work.

    Edit: It seems that your assumption of a time limit might be correct because I just replaced the file in the same package that you had and it worked. I just renamed the folder by adding ".theme" at the end of it.
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