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Thread: Possible to have more than 6 sms tones ?

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    Default Possible to have more than 6 sms tones ?
    Hi !

    Ive used one of the many guides to how you can get custom sms tones, and it worked like a charm
    My only puzzle is, that if I try to rename my custom sms tone to something else than the name of the standard #1-6 build-in tones, it doesnt work

    Is it impossible to have more than 6 sms tones on iPhone 3G, or is it just me, and my lag of skills ??

    Thx in advance

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    no its not possible there will only ever be the six choices you can change what they sound like and thats it

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    Thx AverageMan
    Such a timesaver for me, cause Ive tried "everything" without any luck.

    But is it then possible to rename the 6 sms tones to a custom name of your own choice ??
    It would be much easier to tell them apart, as the standard names are not that easy to connect to your custom sounds :-)
    Hope its possible.
    Thx in advance !

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    no as far as i know your stuck with the origional names

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    That's all there is folks!! Haha. Another quirky Apple restriction. Seems they put as much work into creating artificial limitations as making this beast really useful.

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    Default there is a way
    just get the app "TonesFXs" from Cydia

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    yup it is nice and you can make your own tones with it.

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