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Thread: How do you change the "ringtone" for messages and email

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    Default How do you change the "ringtone" for messages and email
    Anyone know how to change the "ringtone" for messages and email?

    Can't seem to figure this out. Thanks for any info.

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    the ringtones for
    newVoice mail,
    new mail,
    sent mail,
    Calender alerts
    Lock sounds
    keyboard clicks,
    are all placed here= root>system>library>audio>UISounds...

    they are .caf files and remember when you ssh into your phone to change them they have to also be set to the octal 0755. just right click>properties>(you will see 0655) change that to 0755 and hit ok and your set!

    dont forget to backup your orig. files incase you want to go back

    p.s. second option

    download customize ....if your on 1.1.3 then download the modded customize, and then go to var/root/library/customize/audio and add your .caf files in there.

    then open customize and go got system.sounds and set them that way
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    thanks for the tip!

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    is it normal that when i go to settings new text message and select the default there is no preview sound? coz mine is like that...

    and when i recieve a text msg when m on the springboard there is no message alert... but if im the sms there is a message alert...

    pls help

    and i downloaded the modded customize but when i go to receive message alert it makes a black screen...

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    I have the same problem. A straight forward .mp3 to .caf rename does not work for me (no preview played either). The only thing I can think of is that my message tone is too long? ideas? cheers!

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    You have to, in iTunes, convert it to and .aiff file to then take it to a .caf. but when i used a 30 second clip it played the ENTIRE 30 second clip. i couldnt silence it, so keep that in mind. Make them as short as you can!

    AND! You cant just add your ringtones to the file...

    your ringtones need to replace the files that are already there. you back up the file in the tree above and then rename your new ringtone, one of the six .caf files. you will be replacing the "FILE" not the name or the name in the selection list. It will still say "tri-tone" or "chime" but it will be your sound. Have fun.

    These are the file you will look for.

    convert the tone you want to use to .aiff
    find the new .aiff file and change it to .caf

    using iphonebrowser/ibrickr/winscp
    go to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds

    and replace the tone you want with the one you made renaming it accordingly

    sms-received1.caf = Tri-tone
    sms-received2.caf = Chime
    sms-received3.caf = Glass
    sms-received4.caf = Horn
    sms-received5.caf = Bell
    sms-received6.caf = Electronic
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    worked once changed to .aiff in itunes. thanks!

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    Is a .iaff file the same thing as a .acc ? Or how would i convert the .mp3 to a .iaff


    nevermind i found out how thanks oh and it worked great
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    im going to try this when i get home thanks for posting this guys !!
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    glad I could help guys. by the way the info I learned from Robbpell on here so you can thank him too. Just for further info I am running the iTunes and F/W 1.1.4. So it works with the new stuff too! no downgrading iTunes like with the other methods!

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    how do you change the octal from 0655 t 0755 using mac
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