I suspect my recent upgrade to iTunes 7.6 (mac) killed my ringtones.

My first ringtone before upgrade was created before Garage Band could export ringtones to iTunes (I used itoner for that). My iPhone is still 1.0.2 version.

After upgraded iTunes, my ringtone disappeared.

Subsequently, I put that ringtone and created some others with Garage Band and exported to iTunes. Now when I sync up it says that the ringtones could not be copied because they are not supported by iPhone. I don't see why not, they have the .m4r tag.

The Apple site says I need 1.1.2 firmwar, but before iTunes 7.6, my ringtone was playing. So what gives?

How do I get these ringtones to play with out upgrading to 1.1.2 (which for me seems very complicated coming up from 1.0.2 firmware)